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Crystal energy microclusters are a nano-sized silica, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and oleic acid that alters the bonding angle of water to make "water wetter" and have lower surface tension - allowing it to be more compatible with biological energy systems.

The nano-silica is great for filling the gaps in the body where aluminum has been voided, as well as helps push aluminum out of the body as well for the Advanced TRS to pick up and detoxify.  It works great in conjunction with TRS so that the silica isn't just pushing out the aluminum - the TRS is there to pick it up and detoxify it.

Also "wetter water" helps nutrients absorb better, wastes vacate faster, and allows cells to hydrate more efficiently as well and create the "4th phase of water" inside of cells (hydrophillic water).


Shilajit’s origin lies in the ancient organic plant material preserved in the dark crevices of the Himalayan Mountains. As the sun warms up the mountain and melts the snow, a soft, heavy resin seeps out. Our Shilajit powder is meticulously harvested by hand by local farmers at high altitudes to ensure the purest product possible. It is then low-temperature dried and tested to be free of pollutants.

Shilajit means “rock-invincible, destroyer of weakness, conqueror of mountains” in Sanskrit and this name gives insight into why it has been revered for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine.

It has a natural smoky flavor and is high in iron with other important nutrients like calcium, selenium, magnesium, and a wide spectrum of trace minerals.

Shilajit is highly revered for its fulvic acid content, which allows your body to absorb greater amounts of nutrients more efficiently from all the other foods we eat.

As a highly potent adaptogenic herb, our Shilajit Extract Powder’s general serving requirements are minimal, so a small portion goes a long way.


Illumodine is a scalar wave enhanced monoatomic iodine - far superior to any other iodine in the world.  Because it has no "memory" of being attached to other molecules like Sodium or Potassium or diatomic iodine - your body can use it far more readily because it is a "blank state iodine".  It's iodine that can act like any ionic form of iodine the body wants.

Also because it has a small molecule size - your body can use it easier.  Think of it this way - if I had a large popcorn ball and I wanted to get pieces of popcorn off - I'd have to break off little pieces of the popcorn - which takes work.

However - if I already had bite sized pieces - I could eat them much faster and with a lot less work - that's kind of how this Iodine is different than other ones.  Your body doesn't have to work to use it.  Plus, this iodine is "emotionally charged" and can neutralize radiation and its effects on the body.


For adults - start at 5 drops 3 times per day and work up to 15 drops 3x a day for 3 months, then go back down to 5 drops 3x per day.  Depending on the individual you may have to use less as iodine can push toxicity very rapidly and cause viral/parasite/fungal/bacterial die off rapidly.

Topical magnesium gel
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It should be noted that individuals with the MTHFR mutation can be sensitive to MSM due to detox pathways being closed.  However - with the use of Advanced TRS, the closed pathways aren't nearly as big of a problem as Advanced TRS will help clean up the toxicity even with the pathways closed.  That's the benefit of Advanced TRS - it takes the stress off the body in terms of detoxing so you can help get your life "cleaned up" faster and easier.

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