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Inner Strength

April 21, 2017


A wonderful post from a friend of mine I had to share:

"In the middle of putting the finishing touches on a class that's very close to my heart 💗I was almost done when I hit a block.


Major fear hit me.


Who do I think I am to talk about Jesus. They are going to know I'm a sinner. God has better people to work through than me.I'll just sick or something.None of that was coming from Him.


He has plans for me. He has plans for you.Plans for a prosper.


He works through sinners. He works through the common folk because we are the ones who can reach other sinners.


I've finished the class. I'll present it tomorrow night and we will all be blessed as we gather in His name and worship HIM!


Don't listen to the enemy. Listen to Him💜"

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