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Birthday Adventures in the field - Oola Field

April 11, 2017








Tollefson and I spent the day at Nickelodeon Universe "hitting the field" Father and Son style!

I use #OolaFun on all our outings to invoke the spirit of adventure, making activities more fun and to enhance emotional experiences and processing - and to create scent based memories together!

Be it for Tolly the thrill of peeking over the edge of the ferris wheel, zipping in circles around the railroad train ride beeping "mouth honks" at peopele (whoot whooooot!), braving the watery dark tunnels, or losing your stomach on the drop...

...or adventuring further into the process of Fatherhood. It's been almost 2 years since our little manly gift entered my life - and every day keeps getting better.

An amazing birthday filled with everything I could ask for - here's to many more.

Finally here's to all the people making me feel loved - thanks so much!

Stay Healthy My Friends -
and Spiritually.

#Birthdays #Fatherhood #OolaField #Fun #YoungLiving 

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