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Olfactory Earthquake

Today’s lesson is about wrapping together a number of my favorite subjects: Astrology, Essential Oils, Sound/Music, Crystals, and Consciousness Hacking The INTENTION for today: Inspiring MASSIVE CHANGE. Since today is basically “Day 1 of Aries season” (March 21st – the actual new year when not using the Satanic Gregorian Calendar) – I figured we’d use two of my favorite “Aries” based Essential oils to help bring out the some of the classical Aries Traits from within us. Remember – each of us has ALL 12 (or even 13, 14, 15, 16….) Zodiac signs within us. They make up what we could summarize as Jungian Psychology within the Human Psyche – and it’s a great way to categorize what happens internally with us and seeing the reflection internally. I’m not here to give a full psychology lesson – nor am I here to teach you astrology (Truth be told – I’m not that great at astrology, but what I have pieced together I like to share). I’m simply portraying some of the tips that I’ve learned to help YOU help YOURSELF and further your journey better and faster, and understand the reality you live in more hopefully too. Today’s intention is about “MASSIVE CHANGE” – or at least INITIATING it. Aries (The Ram) is known for LOVING to start new projects, tasks, goals, or endevours (…finishing them….is more Aries bane – and good old Lead or Saturn/Capricorn is more suited here, but that’s for a different day). Aries is a volatile fire element – or “mutable” fire sign, and is alchemically associated with purification, conflaguration, and calcination – or the first step in the alchemical process where a physical body is heated to produce a white ash (salt) that has been fully purified. It’s just as Daniel in the furnace seen “walking around with Jesus” – the fires of purification are required to embark upon the journey to recover the gold within us. In order for us to create change, the DESIRE to change must be first recognized – and the fires of change stoked within us. So in order to set that change in motion – I’ve brought two essential oils to your attention to help you begin the desire to create change within oneself a little further.

Cassia Of course – it all starts with the IDEA that you want to create some kind of change within a system (and starting within the system that is YOURSELF is always the first step), and today’s oil blend pairing is to do just that. Cassia is the “hottest” essential oil on the planet – and has the highest levels of trans-cinnamaldahyde of any essential oil (at usually around 85% on average), with Cinnamon being the next closes (at about 55% on average). Cassia is the physical equivalent of “Spiritual Fire” and is incredible for purification – and also signals the body to use up excess blood sugar (as the “fire” burns up the fuel). It ALSO can be used to purify oneself spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally as well – as it is the fire that stokes the furnace of alchemical transmutation. In Chinese medicine you could call it both “Ascending” and “Invigorating” – or “Hot and Dry” as well. Musically – we would call Cassia a “Minor 2nd” or 15:16 – A combination of Om/Mars which is required to bring us away from Unison, and is harsh – carrying considerable energetic potential, and propels the mind, body, and spirit into action with power and initiative to remove obstacles.

Geranium: Geranium is the equivalent of an “earthquake” of a kind – and creates and incredible level of “dissonance” within the mind, body and spirit. You see – when someone is comfortable or content, there is very little desire for change. After all – if things are going well and you’re comfortable, why would you want to change? Many times however – we don’t realize that we’ve become COMFORTABLE in the rut that we’re in, and the cesspool around us we call our lives is actually quite unbearable….we’ve just forgotten that there is much that needs improving. “When one sits near the toilet long enough – they start to forget that shit stinks.” While this is an extremely harsh statement and many people will instantly be like “MY LIFE DOESN’T SUCK!!!” – I assure you, your life sucks in many ways you aren’t aware of…..because the shit no longer stinks. Once you’ve become completely perfected…you can come tell me about how your life doesn’t need a change. Until then…let’s continue on. This isn’t to harp on anyone or say there’s anything wrong with them – it’s that many times we need to take a really hard, objective look at our life in order to see where we can better it. We all have gotten very comfortable in our “recliner of life” and sometimes it takes the 5th pharmaceutical commercial in a row to convince us to get up and get the remote to change the channel – and the “stream of reality” that is our life is not unlike a TV show full of bad programming and commercials that we need not watch. Look at all the unaddressed trauma in your life – and how much generational trauma we’ve inherited. I’m not going to point out all the different ways your life COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER IF YOU COULD SMELL THE SHIT AROUND YOU – that’s up to you. But I assure you – EVERYONE could stand to have their life, health, spirituality, emotional capacity, etc…..all be improved. My life is absolutely no exclusion to this, and I find myself having falling into the “comfort trap” on the regular, and take action to rectify it accordingly. Anyhow - back to the original purpose of the post – the Geranium Oil. Geranium is what would be called a “micro-tone” – that is less than an equally spaced semitone. It’s the equivalent of going to the piano and hitting a “middle C” and the note in between “middle C and C#” and playing it over and over and over and over and over like a 4 year old who’s found the piano while being forced to sit in the corner with the piano until he’s ready to finish his lesson (yes, this is a flashback to me as a child is where I get the reference). The two notes played together, while they don’t carry much energy – are exceptionally obnoxious, and really “strike a nerve” within the body to create the same desire the crappy commercials or TV programming does to do something to stop the pain. That’s what Gernaium oil does – it is the irritating mosquito that pisses you off enough to either go inside or get the bug spray. It gets in the “space between spaces” and creates a great deal of movement, dissonance, and the desire for resolution. Long story short – it makes you smell the shit you’ve been sitting in again. This is NOT to say that Geranium smells bad – this is simply giving an analogy of energetically how Geranium works in terms of Universal principals. I would still call Geranium a “fire” element oil – but not so much an “active” fire, but more of a “hidden” fire of a kind.

Although an Earthquake is normally thought of as something destructive and violent – it is the destruction of what “was” that is necessary in order to create what “will be”.

So WHY exactly did I call the two oils together an “Olfactory Earthquake”? The two together not only contain CONSIDERABLE energy thanks to the Cassia – but are also incredibly MOTIVIATING to seek change and move away from a state of grounding in order to seek growth and move out of the comfort we’ve allowed ourselves to get in – sitting next to our own toilets. It’s one thing to have the desire to want to change – it’s another to have the POWER along with it to actually get up out of the “comfort toilet” we’ve been sitting in and become motivated enough to get to work. The Geranium creates the DESIRE for change, growth, to move away from grounding, and to get up off the “reality toilet” – while the Cassia gives you the POWER to clean up the toilet so it no longer smells like brown flowers. The Geranium gets into the space between spaces – and the Cassia burns up that which isn’t holy and perfected in those spaces between spaces. HOW TO USE: Cassia is INCREDIBLY HOT – so it is not advised to used undiluted unless you’ve got skin like mine that literally is like an alligator that fell into an oil slick (OK, my skin is actually really pretty amazing – but it’s also exceedingly durable and always moisturized, I’m lucky – I know) – so ALWAYS dilute this oil unless you’re going to apply it to your feet (or unless you’re an idiot). You can do anywhere from a 1:1 ratio to a 1:5 ratio – the thing is…..

THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER. You could do 1 part Cassia and 5 parts Geranium…. Or 1 part Geranium and 5 parts Cassia. Part of the magic of inducing change within yourself is learning about how these plants and oils work, and how they are USEFUL to oneself. I’ve given you exceedingly in depth descriptions energetically about what each of the two oils does – it’s up to you to APPLY that KNOWLEDGE and create WISDOM for yourself. Make any ratio mixture you want – dilute it to whatever dilution you want. The only RIGHT answer – is the one that is right for YOU. Applying over the Adrenals is an excellent way to boost energy. Applying it over the forehead is a great way to change how you want to think about the future and what you wan it to look like (as the prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that does long term decision making and planning). The prefrontal cortex (forehead) is where the majority of psychic powers originate (especially telekinesis) and it is the primary place where mercury toxicity accumulates (and does damage - and contributes to many "ADD/ADHD" symptoms as higher level brain function such as impulse control are disabled by mercury/heavy metal toxicity).

Cassia with it’s heat can help to “burn out” the physical toxicity of even lead from anywhere in the body and drive it to be transmuted in the spiritual furnace into Gold.

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