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Conscious Collagen

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Conscious Collagen, Hair, Microtubules, Electric Current, Quantum Realities, Fascia and Trauma, The Story of Sampson in the Bible, Numa Gene, and hair loss.


Collagen, Hair, Consciousness, Microtubules, Electric Current, Quantum Realities, Fascia and Trauma, The Story of Sampson in the Bible, Numa Gene, and hair loss.

So as many of you know, I recently started working with a Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Type-1, Hydrolyzed Collagen.


A lot of people (including myself) have overlooked the importance of Collagen. Main reason why for me - I never found one I actually cared about. Most collagens aren't readily absorbed, they're expensive, they taste terrible, are the wrong kind (types 2,3,4,5), and are just a waste of money.

However, let me tell you a story...a lot of them actually.

Let's start with the "3D level experiences".

When I started with collagen - about 36 hours into loading it, I noticed that my shoulders when I did bench presses in the gym were WAY less angry with me. That was pretty cool - I was getting noticeable results within a day and half. Didn't see my joints getting improvement from this, especially not at the speed they were. That was pretty cool.

Let's fast forward 3 more weeks after that...

Back in college I was deadlifting WAY too much weight for what my joints could handle, with improper form to boot. But you know, you're young...dumb...and invincible. On my 4th set of about 450 pounds I felt my back twinge and immediately wasn't so good.

Fast forward about 15 more years - I've struggled with this dull, aching pain in my lower back, and poor lower back alignment that I just couldn't get corrected. I did acupuncture, chiropractors, essential oils, herbs, name it. Just couldn't get this old injury to really get itself straight.

In the 3rd week of my collagen loading - from week 2 to week 3, I was able to add 50 pounds to my deadlift sets. That's not only a pretty good jump for a week....but I ALSO hadn't been able to increase my deadlift sets in 4 YEARS due to my back not being "stable" and the joints/discs being "off" from my injury.

Well 3 weeks in - my back felt INCREDIBLY stable even WITH the 50 pounds increase.

The other thing I'd noticed over a few that my fascia in my neck and upper back started to release a LOT of tension. I knew collagen and fascia were related to each other - but didn't fully understand the integration between the two.

Lots of people are familiar with "fascia work" and "trigger points" in fascia for trauma release - to help dump and emotional detox.

Fascia stores trauma in "tangled knots" - in which the regular flow of fascia is interrupted with "chaos" and "trauma" that is stored physically as a reflection of the stress and emotions that hasn't been detoxed.

Part of what I've found - is that if your body doesn't have the collagen to replace the tangled, traumatized area of fascia, it won't break down the old fascia/collagen unless it has something to REPLACE it with.

Between week 1 and 3 - I noticed an INCREDIBLE level of trauma and stress dump, and couldn't pinpoint what the source of the dumps was and where it was coming from. I'm always doing a TON of stuff and experimenting on myself - so I was trying to wrap my brain around it.

About 2-3 nights ago it finally clicked with me.

The new collagen to replace the old, tangled, trauma/emotion laden fascia was starting to unwind and be replaced - and all the stored emotions and trauma were dumping along with it.

It didn't take body work sessions, it didn't take trigger point releases, it didn't take anything in particular EXCEPT adding the collagen, and it just started happening naturally, and RAPIDLY.

NOW here's where it starts to get REALLY interesting.

Microtubules are little "antennas" that "tune in" to the quantum realm of probability and funnel the "signal of your soul" into your 3D waking reality and body. They're the "link" between your soul, and your physical body - and the waking reality around you.

From the microtubules this electrical electrical signal is co-connected between the antennas by micro-filaments that join your streams of reality together that your microtubules are funneling up from the quantum realm into your 3D waking reality.

From there - the piezoelectric signal is joined and combined into a "macro" current that flows along your FASCIA.

Fascia - when traumatized and loaded with toxicity/emotions, becomes "tangled" in which the energetic imprint of the trauma is stored as "blockage" to the electrical flow of your stream of consciousness around your body.

You see, fascia (collagen) doesn't just connect your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and these gross motor function things - it ties together your ENTIRE reality at the macro scale.

The microtubules funnel your quantum reality - and this moves upwards to your 3D gross waking reality as the ENTIRE CURRENT OF YOUR SOUL is combined on a mass scale and flows along your fascia.

When your body doesn't have enough collagen to replace the damaged fascia - the tangles simply stay there until your body has the building blocks to break down the old, tangled fascia and restore it with new, clean flowing "wires" to conduct your electrical current along, known as your Fascia.

This is why massage therapists get in and hit "trigger points" and "fascia blasting" is all the're trying to signal your body to break down the old, tangled collagen in order to restore the electrical flow by replacing it with new collagen.

The problem is....

If you don't have the building blocks to provide the raw materials to lay down new collagen, you're not going to get anywhere....because the body won't break down the old - because it doesn't have the building blocks to replace it.

THIS means....

Simply by taking the RIGHT collagen - you can automatically signal the dump of fascia tangles without even having to TRY.

Weigh the cost of getting trigger point release therapy, the pain of it, the fascia blasting....and not really getting anywhere, because your body won't dump the old tangled fascia because it can't replace it.

Ok, so now we're going to get even MORE technical in regards to the Numa gene, hair, and relate it to Sampson in the Bible and tie it into consciousness. The thing is - we CAN'T talk about this part - until you've understood the microtubules, the macro-electrical flow in fascia, and how this relates to consciousness in general.

Biblically the story of Sampson relates to his consciousness level as a judge, his pure life living (including both his diet and how pure his thoughts were) - and the level at which his hair would grow.

There is a gene related to hair growth called "Numa" that is upstream of a gene called OR2AT4. Diseases associated with OR2AT4 include Telogen Effluvium - which is the loss of hair after trauma to the immune system (C0V1D). The Numa gene which is upstream of OR2AT4 - directly controls microtubule binding proteins. We discussed earlier how microtubules funnel the electric signal of your quantum reality up to your waking 3D physical reality that is then broadcast through your fascia - and any genes that control protein binding in microtubules will cascade into your fascia as well with collagen. COLLAGEN + MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF FASCIA

Fascia has several mechanical properties that dictate how it functions. The main three are thixotropy, piezoelectricity and viscoelasticity.

Thixotropy refers to the ability of fascia to fluctuate between a gel (viscous) state and a sol (fluid) state, and it’s because of the ground substance that this can happen. Fascia is everywhere, and fascia has more ground substance than other types of connective tissue so while you’ve heard that we are made up of mostly water (about 70%), here is exactly what that means. The extracellular matrix (all the space outside of your cells in your connective tissue) is made up of about 90% water, and suspended in that water are a bunch of water-loving peptides called glycosoaminoglycans (GAGs). Might we add that water holds memory and helps facilitate the piezoelectric current produced by mechanical force. The GAGs attract water to keep the ground substance fluid so it can serve its purpose as a lubricant for the connective tissue. When connective tissue becomes dehydrated or injured, the ground substance loses fluid, causing fibers to stick together rather than slide and glide. We experience these areas called adhesions in our bodies as tension or knots. Hydrogen bonds the collagen fibers together, so when we release an adhesion through myofascial release or massage therapy, it’s the breaking down of the hydrogen bonds that can create that burning sensation we sometimes feel. The molecular component of a collagen fiber is called tropocollagen. Several tropocollagen fibers wind together and arrange themselves in a parallel alignment to form one collagen fibril, then multiple collagen fibrils wind together, also in parallel alignment, to form one collagen fiber. The fibers are all arranged into a triple helix which gives the fascia a great deal of tensile strength, meaning for the most part you can stretch it without it breaking. An interesting point here is that collagen gram-gram is stronger than steel!

In addition to that, collagen itself is related to the geometry of a triskelion with its triple helix formation. Triskelions, through clathrin, allow the flow of energy to be conducted via microtubules upward into fascia. Collagen is the grounding for the electrical current that flows through microtubules, then clathrin, and eventually into the collagen fibers of the fascia. Collagen fibers do not stretch, but they do lengthen. When gradual, sustained pressure (mechanical force/piezoelectric effect) is applied, the collagen fiber unravels from its triple helix shape and eventually reaches its full length. This process of unwinding and extending can only happen when the force is applied gradually and repeatedly. When the force is sudden or extreme (such as bouncing in a stretch or going so deep into a stretch that your muscles are shaking), the collagen fibers resist and become even more bound. When the pressure is gradual and mindful, fibroblasts are stimulated to produce more tropocollagen, which forms new collagen and adds to the resting length of the existing fiber. This is the “release” process in “fascia blasting” and “trigger point” therapy - when the collagen/fascia unwinds and releases the “tangles” within it due to trauma and stress being stored as an electrical signature within the tangles of the fascia.

Let’s talk more now about how any of this applies to yin yoga and massage therapy. Piezoelectricity is another of fascia’s mechanical properties. It is derived from the Greek word ‘piezein’, meaning pressure or to squeeze. When subjected to gradual, sustained pressure, connective tissue produces a small electrical current across its surface. The current stimulates fibroblasts, the cells that produce fiber and ground substance. Pressure and movement increase the piezoelectric properties of fascia which in turn stimulate the healing process and contribute to the soft and loose feeling we often experience after a yoga class or a massage. The third main property of fascia is the reason why that soft, loose feeling eventually goes away and ultimately why slow and steady wins the race when it comes to reducing adhesions/pain and increasing flexibility, and why frequency matters more than duration. The thing is - if you’re providing large quantities of the new building blocks for the fascia to rebuild itself, the mechanical pressure and release becomes far less necessary through manual stimulation (trigger points, fascia blasting, massage) because the body automatically begins the replacement process due to having the necessary building blocks in excess to begin the replacement process. Current applications of electrotherapeutics in collagen healing Piezoelectric currents flow appears to be integral to the healing of collagen containing tissue, i.e., bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, skin, and even DNA as well as microtubules themselves.. Accordingly, it is reasonable to hypothesize that externally applied electrical fields should be able to enhance healing, especially in conditions that have resisted more standard treatments. Nevertheless, applications of electrotherapeutics are challenging because the precise mechanism of action is unknown and, accordingly, there is an almost unlimited combination of stimulation parameters (e.g., type of waveform, voltage, current, phase, frequency, etc.) that can be applied to a treatment site.

Presently, of the three major types of electrical stimulation, i.e., direct, and capacitive and inductive coupling, there is a growing trend toward utilization of the latter because of its efficacy and greater margin of safety. Although the mechanisms of action for enhanced healing of all three types remain elusive there is increasing evidence that electrical stimulation exerts its influence via effects at the cellular and/or molecular levels within the tissue, which would involve collagen at its core.

Utilization of electrotherapeutics has been most prevalent in bony injuries resistant to healing, but applications to severe lesions of skin and ligaments, and even to degenerative joint disease seems promising as cartilage has been shown to be more responsive than bone to applied electrical energy. We conclude that there is a clear trend toward greater orthopedic utilization of inductive stimulation and that, despite the lack of definitive guidelines relating specific parameters with specific conditions, electrotherapeutics appear to be a safe and often effective treatment for collagen containing tissues in many cases in which more standard therapies have failed. THIS helps to provide the evidence to the electrical nature of fascia, cartilage, and collagen - that a therapeutic intervention is to literally electrify the collagen itself to restore the proper electrical flow that has been hampered and diminished by “tangles” within it.

Due to the piezoelectric property of collagen, it can generate electric signals in response to internal forces. Collagen piezoelectricity

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and as one of the principal building blocks of tissues, plays a dominant role in the functioning of tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage, skin, heart and blood vessels. As such, its function is central to materials-based strategies for regenerative medicine, as well as providing a biomimetic target for high-performance, multifunctional fibre-based materials in applications outside of biomedicine. The defining feature of collagen is an elegant structural motif in which three parallel polypeptide strands coil with a one-residue stagger to form a right-handed triple helix, known as tropocollagen. Tropocollagen is unstable at body temperature, driving its formation into supertwisted, right-handed microfibrils with molecules packed in a quasi-hexagonal lattice. This leads to a spiral-like structure within the mature collagen fibril, with interdigitated microfibrils forming a networked, nanoscale rope.

The complex hierarchical structure within a collagen fibril provides interesting mechanical and electrical properties, and the basis for interactions with other tissue components. This allows collagen to modulate tissue structure and therefore function. Through organisation and interactions on the nanometre to micrometre scales, collagen can work effectively in a wide variety of tissue configurations to provide exceptional mechanical performance, tuned to specialised applications. The piezoelectric nature of collagen-rich tissues has been known for some time yet the role of collagen piezoelectricity in the body has remained elusive. So then… How does this relate to Sampson? Sampson gained his strength via his hair.

Recently, people after an insult to the immune system have reported symptoms of loss of smell and hair loss.

The loss of hair is termed Telogen Effluvium.

An important gene associated with Telogen Effluvium is OR2AT4 (Olfactory Receptor Family 2 Subfamily AT Member 4) - which is ALSO upstream of Numa as we mentioned earlier, which controls microtubule protein binding. Olfactory receptors interact with odorant molecules in the nose, to initiate a neuronal response that triggers the perception of a smell, and are also related as stated above to microtubule protein binding through the Numa gene as well.

So the same gene that is involved with hair loss is directly connected to smell (Olfactory Receptors). The etymology of NUMA means “body hair, fur”. Or, otop (“head hair”) The microtubules and fascia in his body and his physical prowess are directly related to his hair length - as they are all regulated by the same genes. Having ample collagen to help not only support these genes, but the formation of microtubules to funnel and “tune in” to the signal of your soul, as well as support the bio-electrical network broadcast across 3D reality through the body is paramount for ensuring your consciousness is grounded and flowing across reality. Rather than making the process difficult, slow, and painful with “trigger point release” and “fascia blasting” - what if instead one could simply provide the body with ample amounts of raw building blocks to perform the necessary functions and tasks it was designed to do from the beginning, if it were simply given the raw materials it needs to build a temple.


Article co written with Joseph Phillips at

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