• Adam Ringham

Minding your sexual currency and your potential futures

Never sleep with someone, that you wouldn't want to be.

In the moment of orgasm your aura weakens and the propensity for "spiritual parasites" to jump ship is drastically enhanced, and this can lead to "karmic chains" being attached to your soul.

This leads to massive levels of spiritual entropy being strung around the neck of your soul, and especially the back of your heart.

Men will find that they have knots behind your shoulders, as anything less than actual love making leads to a drain off of your sexual energy and especially vicious parasites being attached to the back of your heart.

There's no faster way to ruin your future than to sleep with multiple people who don't have "clean auras" leading to an extreme degredation of your potential futures.

That's exactly what happens when you sleep with someone - in more dimensions than 3D your futures become intertwined, and those parasites and entities that are ruining their future, become the parasites and thought forms that ruin YOUR future.

Sexual energy is the energy of creation, and parasites find nothing tastier than the feed of that energy to create a future where they continue to syphon your ability to create the future for yourself that you want, and instead these parasites and thought forms create a future where they continue to live in your consciousness.

This also includes orgasming to porn (many porn sites are gigantic portals for demons that are built into them deliberately) - or even masterbating to another person - as these chains are non-physical and do not require actual physical contact to "jump ship". Many celebrities which are heavily MK'd are an extremely deep example - as they are used as huge energy syphons to create the energy for black magic of the ruling elite to be used against the populace - as the "lizards" cannot create on their own, as they have no sexual creation energy and must steal it from others.

Marjoram Oil, Neroli Oil, Palo Santo, and Hyssop oil (Jesus wash me white as snow) are some good options to help cleanse yourself.

Marjoram shuts off the sexual energy centers which the parasites need to attach to for a food source (historically used for maintaining celibacy), Neroli helps to induce "purity and innocence" stolen, Palo Santo collapses the negative futures and negates and purifies them, and Hyssop helps to cleanse your DNA of "sins" (especially useful for women looking to clean the DNA of the sperm of previous partners injected inside them).

Remember, the physical world represents under 1% of reality, the unseen to the normal eyes is far more abundant and powerful than what people give credit to.

#StayHealthyMyFriends - mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. Read more here: https://themindunleashed.com/2013/06/sex-and-aural-energy.html?fbclid=IwAR3g942b4NkOeNGbFWAooUmbHade-xWqq47O9btNKbD5NkAQPs9hB5Zj6kk

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