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A Tall Glass of "Shalom"

A tall glass of "Shalom" Shalom: In Biblical Hebrew means "complete, soundless, blameless" These 3 oils are my choices for an intention based refreshing drink. Myrrh: Myrrh is the most referened oil in the Bible, and is the last oil Christ is said to have used before crucifiction (I might argue that it was Cedarwood possibly, but that's a story about the Da'at for a different day). Myrrh's primary use metaphysically is to "ground the soul into the physical body" - or as I say "slow down time". Our thoughts happen much faster than things manifest in physical reality. Call it "law of attraction" based thinking. You are a conscious co-creator of your own reality - and what you think about often most likely becomes your reality. If you slow your thoughts down enough and focus, that reality can manifest faster. It helps your "soul be more present and have it expressed physically faster" - so it is good for physical healing as the soul grounds in more and recovers from injury (or acts as a sublock - so your "soul energy doesn't burn you. Myrrh just so happens to work as an actual sunscreen as well. Optogenetics and epigenetics involving UV light that your DNA sends to communicate and trigger functions in the cell is a different topic again) Goldenrod: In Greek "Goldenrod" means "to make whole". Under intense trauma (such as circumcision) part of the "soul will leave" while another part stays behind to deal with the trauma. The intensities of trauma can be too much for the conscious mind to bear - and pieces of the conscious mind will retreat into iteself in order to avoid having to deal with all the trauma at once. What this does is "fagments the soul" or more simply put - creates dissociation and trauma. These pieces could also be recovered through "the dark knight of the soul" (I prefer the word "Knight" as opposed to "night"). What Goldenrod does is helps unify the Male and Female aspects of the brain - by helping to connect to the "source" or "God" or whatever it is you call it. Here there is no illusion of seperation, there is only unity and wholeness. Goldenrod also resonates with the Solar Plexus and "Leo" energies - much of which is held in the liver. I have an interesting suspicion that Goldenrod is epigenetically very beneficial to MTHFR mutations in helping to undo these mutations, as MTHFR mutations disable liver function and detoxification. This would mean at a genetical level your liver, the seat of your soul, has been disabled at a "deeper" level than strictly physical, Goldenrod epigenetically could possibly help undo this mutation (this is entirely specualtion and intuition also. MTHFR mutuations are caused by RoundUp and the synthetic amin acid in it replacing a natural one in your genome. Deliberate genetic mutation is another way to put this - because you know this was not an accident). The liver is the "seat of the soul" and is where the Willpower resides. Goldenrod is much like "liquid willpower" for lack of a better way to put it. It resonates with Golden Imperial Topaz, Faden Quartz (pictured), Ametrine, and Heliodore to help "make oneself whole" at a quantum and epigenetic level. Sandalood - This is the oil that resonates with "Human Potential on Earth". Each of us contains within us LIMITLESS potential - but the problem is we can never reach that potential until it is realized. Your soul is a life being inhabiting and water filled flesh sack held up by organized dirt - and it's freaking magical that you're even able to be aware of you taking a single breath (let along that you can walk, talk, see, heart, think, think about thinking, think about think about thinking, you get the idea). Sandalwood helps you slow down enough to realize just how much potential you have despite the trauma, despite the setbacks, despite the hardships - you're still worth just as much as the day you came into this world. After all - the day you were born is the moment the Universe decided it could not go on one single moment more, without you. Think about that for a moment. Sandalwood helps you realize, and act like - you're worth it. You're worth everying, but need nothing. You are reflection of the infinite, and if you'd stop and look at yourself with more than just your eyes for just a little bit, you're entire life will change. You're always one decision away from an entirely new life - make it worth it. Because you're worth it. All 3 of the oils help ground in your self worth, your potential, your willpower, and your soul - a combination to help you break reality and step up to your full potential by not only realizing it, but doing something about it. It will help you be and realize who you are. Mix all 3 oils into your favorite sparkling water, 2 oz of NingXia Red (because antioxidants are needed to encode DNA experiences), or just plain cold ice water - and enjoy your new found sense of worth and purpose. (You don't need all 3 oils, even just 2 will work) ((And yes - I drink them)) #137 #44 #18 #371 (((Faden Quartz, Aqua Aura Faden Quartz, and Ametrine crystals pictured. Those are a post for a different day.))) 

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