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Envision and Awaken your Inner Child

As everyone knows, I'm all about scent based memories.

What are scent based memories you ask? Let's have a quick recap. Imagine you smell an apple pie, or any other scent you can imagine.

Did you used to have apple pies at Grandma's house when you were little? Yes? Even if not you can follow along here.

When you smell that apple pie or spiced ciders, the memories instantly come flooding back from that time. You smell the pie - you instantly Envision all the memories surrounding the places you smelled it. The look, the feel, the smells, the sounds, the memories - all of these are very heavily tied into the limbic system. What is the Limbic System? Let's take a look!

The limbic system is the part of the brain involved in our behavioural and emotional responses, especially when it comes to behaviours we need for survival: feeding, reproduction and caring for our young, and fight or flight responses.

You can find the structures of the limbic system buried deep within the brain, underneath the cerebral cortex and above the brainstem. T

he thalamus, hypothalamus (production of important hormones and regulation of thirst, hunger, mood etc) and basal ganglia (reward processing, habit formation, movement and learning) are also involved in the actions of the limbic system, but two of the major structures are the hippocampus and the amygdala.

What we are doing when we create "scent based memories" is we are making memories associated with scent. The really neat part, is different essential oils have the ability to enhance different brain functions and regions of the brain - and we're piggy backing on that to use them to create scent based memories. This way, every time your child smells that oil, for the rest of their life the memories of the activities you did with them will come flooding back. I like to think of it as a way to "live forever" - being present in your children's minds long after your gone. On top of that - there is the possibility of epigenetic memory encoding that your Grandchildren will have these memories built into their DNA and if they are in touch with themselves enough, will be able to tap into these memories that are being passed down through generations.

The oils I've paired for today's activities are Envision, Awaken, and Inner Child Oil.

Envision Oil

In order for any project or creative endeavor to succeed, you have to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve or create. Envision oil is to help you formulate a vision of what you want to paint, draw, build, create, manifest, and is heavy associated with stimulating the 3rd Eye/Pineal gland where the mother of all hallucinogens DMT is produced, as well as the occipital cortex which is associated with vision. When the two areas of the brain are stimulated together, the imagination is cross processed in the area of the brain associated with vision and the two link - creating stronger mental images.

I used this oil with Tollefson to help him connect to the vision the artists created in their work, and explained to him that he needed to "look inside his head to see what he wants to paint and draw" before he can start doing it (most of the time).

Awaken Oil

Awaken oil is also a heavy 3rd Eye/Pineal gland oil as well. Within each of us lies a soul desperately yearning to break free and bring the best pieces of itself to the world. One full of creativity, passion, expression, emotion, desire, and love. Awaken oil helps us to get in touch with that which lies beyond our normal awareness of our 3D body, one that is eternal and came to this planet for a reason.

In each of us lies a soul that doesn't need the masks, that is immune to judgement, is beyond fear, that yearns to come alive beyond the daily routine.

Awaken oil helps to rouse the memories of the divinity that we don't see in the mirror unless we look past the reflection our eyes see.

I used this oil with Tollefson to help inspire him to bring those pieces of him forth and express himself in every beautiful way possible, through every art form that he can imagine and get his hands on.

In using these different oils I brought my Son on an artful adventure to let him see how other people express these pieces of themselves by connecting with their soul.

Minneapolis puts on what's called an "Art O Whirl" in which artists that gather in different (and very often gorgeous) buildings in which they work.

Inner Child Oil

Inner Child Oil is to help reconnect you to your Inner Child. The Inner Child is the piece of you that loves to play and have fun. Nothing in life needs to be taken so seriously that you can't have fun with it.

The Inner Child is also necessary for the desire to create. To understand the innocence that sexual energy can possess - because the ability to create anything requires Sacral Chakra energy. After all, you are bringing something to life aren't you? When we're out of touch with our inner child, we lose the ability to creatively and abstractly express ourselves. This may be through dance, drawing, painting, music, poetry, photography - anything that allows you to creatively express yourself. Many Disney and Pixar movies have deliberate scenes in them to attack the Inner Child through psychic attacks developed through the MK Ultra program (and Operation Monarch).

In many of these movies - there's always a parent dying, a child being separated from their parents, things of this sort. To a child watching the movie, they feel as if their parent had died or been taken away, causing a piece of their consciousness to get "locked in time" in the moment of the trauma.

Tollefson picked out a cute little stuffed "monster" that he wanted to bring home - so right after I bought it I applied "Inner Child Oil" to it. This would make a scent association with a children's toy tied with symbolism of a little monster. What this does is a multi-layered intention. Not only are we pairing a children's toy (that many children have as a "safety blanket" or "friend") and the toy itself being a monster - this helps his Inner Child connect with the imperfect "little monsters" that we all have inside of us.

This also pairs with the scent based memories that we created with Envision Oil and Awaken Oil - creating a multi-layered scent based memory experience from Tollefson's childhood of experiencing music, art, and some organic Ice Cream - something every child should get to experience.

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