• Adam Ringham

Apple Lemon Allspice Drink

Who's ready for the MOST ENERGIZING drink EVER???

Say "Hello" to the Apple Ginger Allspice anytime treat!

Today we've taken the zest of lemons, the sweetness of apples, and the spice of spices to bring you the most delicious and energizing drink you've ever had!

Let's talk about the recipe first:

2 VERY large apples

2 Lemons

1/4 tsp Allspice

1/4 tsp 5 Spice Mix (optional)

1 drop each Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Nutmeg, and Clove Oils (all Vitality versions of course)

Juice the Apples and Lemons, then pour into a GLASS container and add your oils and spices - then mix and enjoy! Lemons are powerfully alkalizing, while providing the sour flavor which is gently balanced by the sweetness of the apples.

Allspice and 5 Spice are traditionally used to flavor Winter foods and drinks - and are supportive of not only energy systems but the immune and nervous systems as well (and actually a whole lot of others too). By adding the Ginger Vitality, we're supporting the digestion while adding some BOMB-tastic flavor.

The Cinnamon Bark Vitality boosts the immune system and supports healthy blood sugar - while adding that "honey licking good" kick and a special heat that only Cinnamon Bark Vitality can offer. Clove Vitality gives it an extra kick to support the immune system and the adrenals/kidneys, While the Nutmeg Vitality kicks up the adrenal support even further. Add ALL of this together and you get a synergistic energy supporting drink that helps you detoxify, alkalizes the body, and provides support across LOADS of body systems - ALL AT ONCE!


(Those of you who are brave can add a little NingXia Red to kick it up another notch that would make even Emeril jealous) #*&$-ING BAM!!!!!

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