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Cinnamon Ciders Ahoy!

It's that time of year again!!!

Fall season is here, and that means Ciders and Spices ahoy!!!

This year, why not "spice" it up a bit with some different fall flavors that have some outstanding health benefits? Apple ciders are of course one of the best things about fall - we can all agree about that. There's nothing better than a roaring fire on a brisk day or chilly night, with a hot cup of warm brewed cider to keep you company.

Now here's the question - Have you ever added Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oil to your brew?

Sure everyone knows to put a cinnamon stick in their cider - but that's for people that don't know there's better ways. I want my cider to have the honey sweet, finger licking, zesty kick of a Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oil.

Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oil is like adding a whole container of Cinnamon Sticks in every drop. Not only that, but it adds a sweetness like honey that can't even be described, it has to be tried!

The best way to do so is to just add 1 drop of Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oil to a roughly 8 oz Glass of Apple Cider right before your pour your glass (This keeps the oil from evaporating right away).

But wait - there's more...

If you didn't know - you can also BAKE with your oils as well! Head over here to get the most delicious recipe for Einkorn Cinnamon Bark Banana Bread you've ever had in your life as well!!


All you have to do is add 6-10 drops (depending on how you like it) of Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oil to the batter when you're done, mix it in, then pop it in the oven for an extra bit of flavor with your Banana Bread!

Why Use Cinnamon Vitality?

Many times people ask "why use the Vitality version, what's the difference?"

Well Cinnamon Bark Vitality and Cinnamon Bark Oil are actually the exact same oil - just one is labeled for internal use and one isn't.

The FDA has never had a product before that has been able to go both ON your skin and IN your body - creating some legal confusion. Young Living fixed this by just making two different labels - one for topically and one for internally.

Problem solved!

Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon Bark Oil is great at supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Basically what it does - it signals your body to start burning up excess blood sugar. It also supports the immune system, and can help you "get in the mood" - because when your blood sugars are balanced, your hormones are balanced! Cinnamon Bark is also an excellent Thermogenic - meaning it helps stimulate the metabolism! So if you're looking for something besides the same old Ho-Hum drink to bring to the gym - be sure to keep Cinnamon Bark Vitality on that list! Just add a couple drops to your cider and bring that into the gym to help turn up the body's thermostat while you work out! Using Cinnamon Bark while exercising can help you burn more calories - and you'll probably feel it because it creates an intense "warming" effect in the body due to the body being signaled to burn up more blood sugar. Plus - you're not only going to help support your immune system in the gym - but you are going to smell ohh so sweet you may just attract the attention of people who are tired of smelling sweat and Axe Body Spray. If you're single - not such a bad thing.

If you're looking to introduce more people to oils - this is also a great way to start. Until next time - keep that thermostat up and keep it spicy -

Cinnamon Style!

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