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Sandalwood and your Epigenetic Family Tree

The #TwoHappyDudes went to visit Tolly's Great Grandma Helen today who I inherited my 160 year old Bible from - he's the first of the great grandchildren so she loves him just a little more (at least I think).

Today's oil for the adventure was "Sandalwood" - which is the oil for connecting with the "Earthstar Chakra" - or another way to put it - connecting with the physical incarnation on this planet. This especially includes your family - because they are your roots on this earth - and from which you inherit your genetic memories from at up or more than 14 generations back.

Since I like to create "scent based memories" with Tolly - Great Grandma, Myself, and Tolly were all wearing Sandalwood Oil to help connect to our family through "resonance".

Resonance - is essentially things that are alike start to respond when other things that are the same emit energy. Imagine a room filled with different tuning forks. If I go in and hit a "C" - all the rest of the "C's" in the room will start to vibrate in resonance with that original one I sounded.

We're doing the same thing with genetics and reality here. I call it "scent based epigenetic resonance".

Since we all were vibrating in unison to the frequency of Sandalwood Oil - I used that reality hack while bringing Tolly to see his family - his roots. Great Grandma is special because she's the one I (and probably Tolly) inherited our genetic love of flowers from - so today we brought her an orchid (I love orchids) to help brighten up her room and her day (as if we weren't enough).

We also brought Tolly to all the old playgrounds I used to frequent when I would visit Grandma and Grandpa (Grandpa is no longer with us - bless his soul - and Tollefson's middle name is named after my Grandpa Adrian). We were fortunate enough to encounter the old dangerous metal merry-go-round that you are able to hurt yourself on because you could get it spinning really, really fast (seriously - those things are the BEST. I LOVED falling off them when I was little).

We also brought Tolly to the farm that my Grandpa Adrian was born in, lived in his whole life, and passed away in. Grandma was there with him for over 50 years.

Every summer we'd go visit them for about 2 weeks and we'd hunt caterpillars in Grandma's ENORMOUS Hosta garden (one of the first plants Tolly knows the name of), the old metal swingset I'd cut myself on - and my favorite of all the enormous 150+ year old trees that I'd spend hours swinging under. I remember looking up at them in complete awe when I was little, wondering how a tree could get so big. Tolly spent a good long time asking Dad for "Under Daddy" after Under Daddy pushing the limits of how high I'd push him.

Sadly my Grandma no longer lives at the farm due to her health declining with age (I'm sure she wishes she too could pass away there in the big recliner Grandpa did) - and this was the first time in months she'd been able to go there. Nothing made her happier than to be able to walk her huge flower garden (she always won first prize at the county fair for her flower crafts) and remember all the good times that were had there.

Before we left - we made sure to bring some Hydrangea flowers home for her and Tolly - because Tolly loves to carry around flowers, and the car smelled of Sandalwood and Hydrangea the whole ride how (and was taking it's toll on the little one's energy levels by the end of the pictures you can tell). Tolly being an extreme empath - it wiped him out good.

Be sure to give your children the gift that can't be bought -


The love you share will last not only their lifetime, but live on in their memories and their epigenetic memories they pass on to their children and grandchildren. Sandalwood goes best on the feet (especially the heels), the lower back, and base of the neck to help ground in and connect to the earth and your earthly history (with the intention of connecting with the earth and your family).

Stay Healthy My Friends - Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and (epi)Genetically.


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