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The Voyage of Life

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

George Orwell

Time is a funny thing.

We so often see it as "Past, Present, and Future".

I personally happen to disagree with Mr Orwell - and believe that "He who controls the future, controls the present. He who controls the present - dictates the past".

By this I mean - that your past doesn't dictate neither the future or the present unless you let it. It matters not where you've been, nor where you are -

But instead where you're GOING.

In this scent based memory adventure with Tollefson we've paired the

Metaphysical Symbolism of the Sailboat

with the oil

"Into the Future".

You see in sailing - the best way to sail the boat is to pick a spot on the horizon (in this case when I speak of time I called it the "Temporal Horizon") and aim for that.

It matters not where you've been or where you are right now - you aim for where you want to end up.

When you pick a spot on this "Temporal Horizon" you find that place you want to end up and keep your eye on the prize. You then trim your sails to match the current heading you wish to keep - and it doesn't matter where you've come from or what port you've left - you're moving forward toward a goal.

According to the Dream Dictionary (interpreting dreams is a hobby of mine - and life after all is merely a persistent dream): "Sailing represents the way you take charge in your existence.This image shows the particular direction of your goals and how you make choices.

Do you “sail up against the wind”? That is, do you fight and still find it difficult to get what you want?

Perhaps things are “plain sailing” and you definitely tend to be flexible to achieve your goal.

Sailing can be regarded as independence; your own dream may be notifying you to break free from constraints."


It was the first time Tolly gone sailing - and so with it we paired the scent based memory of "Into the Future Oil" to help enhance his ability to genetically recall the symbolism of sailing (both in this world and in his dreams).

Into The Future Oil is about setting that navigational beacon on a sailboat. Picking the spot on your temporal horizon and then trimming your sails to match that course.

On a sailboat - once you have a destination set you then adjust the sails to maximize your ability to reach that destination. You match your wits to the forces of nature to harness that power and turn what could be a hindrance, into that which propels you forward.

This is the future controlling the past and the present. When you focus on that that future - the past changes to become only what helps get you to where you are going - and nothing more - and the present becomes a moment guiding you to the future.

For Dad we used "Magnify Your Purpose Oil" - with that exact intention. Magnifying my purpose. Just as my father taught me to sail - so too shall I teach my Son to do the same (I have a life goal of my Dad teaching me to sail by the stars someday and pass that on as well to Tollefson).

The purpose of a Father, of a Dad - is to help raise your little ones to take on the world. To protect them from the things they are not yet ready for. To give them the skills they need to take care of themselves. And as much as it hurts...sometimes your job is to say "No" (and some fathers with an excess of Saturn energy like to say this just a little too much) when they're not yet ready to take on a certain challenge.

Every Dad has so much they want to teach their kids - this oil to me at this point in my life is a reminder to pay attention to the choices I make to ensure that I'm around to be able to teach him the things I'd like to. To be the Man I need to be to his Mother. To be the person I need to be to be myself.

We've also paired one of my favorite oils while working with the lines - Shutran. Shutran is great for enhancing the feeling of manliness - and supporting Men's hormones specifically.

There's not much of a better time than conquering the forces of nature and bending them to your will - to use Shutran.

Feelings of manliness also help support the Prostate - where feelings of inadequacy as a man can accumulate and cause it to operate "below the line".

Of course - there's no better way to experience a first sailing trip than to turn it into a family affair - with Mom along to make it better.

Once you've got your course set and your temporal (time) sails trimmed - it's time to get into the present. Many times by controlling the future - the present simply falls into place - which is the perfect time to use "Present Time" oil to get you into that moment. Life isn't about a series of "past, present, and future" - but a series of enjoyment of the continual thing we only really every have - the present moment.

We can't change our temporal heading until we are in the present - because that's where the work is done. We cannot live in the future - only in the now. It is in that present moment that we turn our ship, that we "come about", and trim those sails toward our goal.

And with that - we turn our eyes to the future. What are you sailing towards? Where are you headed? What point in time are you navigating upon?

We can't live in the future - but we can certainly point where our present moment will bring us.

With your eyes set on the future, and completely living in the present - the past doesn't matter anymore. It actually never exists except in a memory....

When you change the way you look at something - the things you look at change. The past is no different. Change your past - by setting your eyes on the future - and your changing your present moment.

Because everything - past, present, and future - can change in an instant if you let it.

Meaning none of it really exists at all.

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