• Adam Ringham

Manly Knows No Color

Today we're going to talk about hormones. Men's hormones.

And Shutran. Shutran is a blend specifically designed to support Men's hormones and keep them up to par. We're not talking steroids - we're talking hormone support.

Not forcing - supporting.

More specifically let's talk about WHY supporting them is important.

We all know what Testosterone does for men. Look at the big hulking dudes in the gym - or the sex drive of a 16 year old boy - that's Testosterone in action. It makes gaining muscle easier, and makes the ladies look even better. It's the stuff men are made of.

However - not many people know what it MENTALLY does for me (outside of desire for women). Testosterone also helps to develop the part of the brain responsible for logic, language, mathematics, music - and how things tick. It's what helps make little boys like trucks, machines, motors, and gears (it should be noted it's not the ONLY thing that develops the "left brain" thinking - but it sure helps). It helps drive the desire to build - to create - and sometimes destroy (little boys love to wreck things).

Without healthy hormone levels - little boys don't tinker as much. They don't question how things work as much. They don't want to find out how things work as much. Not having your manly hormones up to par - will also decrease the courage to attempt new things - to want to take on the world - and have new adventures.

Think of the guy at the gym who's hormones are in check - he's ready to take on anything isn't he (and might be a little too willing to pose and show you)? That's the confidence Testosterone gives Men. Contrary to popular belief - Testosterone also DECREASES aggressiveness in Men. Because he's feeling Manly already - he doesn't need to prove it by fighting with people. "Roid Rage" comes from Men's natural testosterone plummeting from using synthetic hormones.

A lesser known aspect of testosterone as well - is that it dictates (dick-tates) the size of genital development in Men (boys) - so keeping it balanced and up to par can help them "measure up" later in life.

With all the endocrine disrupting chemicals everywhere - our kids can use all the help they can get. Tolly has been getting Shutran to balance his hormones since he was just the tiniest muppet because we're not FORCING hormones, we're SUPPORTING them - I'm not worried about it hurting him. One of his favorite activities lately is to have Dad flip a bike upside down so he can turn the pedals and show me the chain, gears, and how the pedals turn it all.

His inner tinker-er loves to watch how things work. When you're feeling manly too - You don't care what color your bike is.

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