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Growing Seeds with Crystals

Recently, I saw a post of someone claiming to grow seeds on crystals. The concept I thought was quite cool - as I want to start growing Bonsai trees in the future - but more on that later. As I continued watching they actually appeared to be polymers and not crystals, but I liked the other thought better. Let's use real crystals and see what happens.

While out at one of our favorite parks the other day - I happened upon one of my favorite memories of my Son Tollefson growing up. I just happened to be wearing this oil again when the "scent based memory" hit me.

When Tolly was younger and just first born, and frequently after that - we'd always head to the park and he would swing in his favorite swing there for long bouts of time on end. My favorite time would be in the spring, as the Cottonwood/Dogwood (I'm not sure which) trees would blossom and then release trillions of tiny seeds into the air (much like dandelions).

As we'd sit and swing, with the warm spring sun shining and announcing the season of Grow(th) and renewal - I'd happily contemplate on the cold winter's passing and my Son and I being able to enjoy the outdoors more again.

The seeds were always the announcement to me that the colder, darker times of winter had passed, and it was time to burst forth with new growth and greet the sunshine in true nature's fashion.

Usually when we'd go the park this would be my oil of choice. One to symbolize the growth into fatherhood, husband life, and journey into bettering myself as well. It also just so happens to smell amazing.

I'll always be able to open this bottle and smell it - and mentally re-live my favorite parts Tolly's childhood. The times when we'd finally be able to venture forth from the house and didn't have to be bundled up, the time when the sun was shining, the little fuzzy seeds from the cottonwood trees would be dancing in the breeze and glistening as the morning sun would hit them, the wind would swish in the trees (and Tolly would say "wind, wind"), an absolutely magical point in my life as far as I'm concerned.

The trees always fascinated me so - because in our area with the silica rich sand and ample water content - the trees would always have enough water, even in the dry times. The trees would get so massive, so majestic, that one couldn't help but stop in wonder of their sheer size.

An all of that started from just one tiny seed. Well, trillions of tiny seeds - that only a few would be fortunate enough to find a place to take root.

So Tolly and I gathered handfuls of these little seeds, brought them home - and I put some in a bowl with crystals in it and gave them a loving mist (and do so a couple times a day). I also added a drop of Oola Grow to the greenhouse water to help encourage the plants to "grow" in every sense. My experiment will be one of the seeds - and of myself. Onward and Upward into bettering myself, my family, and the lives of others.

The idea is like a seed - small at first. But given the right conditions, that idea can solidify itself into a majestic wonder - that can then spread seeds of its own someday. I can't help but think of that much like my family.

As time goes on - I want to start different Bonsai trees, grow them, teach my family to grow them, then pass them down for generations. Each time a member of the family passes on into the next world - I (or my children) will feed some of the ashes of that person to the Bonsai trees - so that we will always be there in that tree, and the seeds it produces.

A way to live forever if you will. Living on through the gifts you've given your loved ones, and the things you've taught them - that they will someday teach their children.

I'm also going to attempt to grow these trees and train them around large clusters of crystals - just because I think that would also be neat. A merging of plant and crystal - of animal and mineral. Something that just "shouldn't be" - but through love will be created.

Since the trees can live for hundreds of years, that could be a lot of love - not to mention genetic memories - to pass down.

My experiences are also directly tied to the scent of that oil - so I can use it as a pick me up and a way to reframe my thoughts at any moment. With strong and emotional memories tied directly to that scent - who knows how much will be passed down genetically. Here's hoping a lot.

There's more than one way to use an oil - what you get out of it, is usually dependent upon what you put in.

There's a lot of prayers in those little bottles - and if you learn to listen, you just might hear them.

Finally - we'll be moving houses in the next month (probably not far) closing a chapter on our lives - but we'll also be opening an entire new chapter. Fortunately I'll be able to "re-read" this chapter - but picking up my Oola Grow, closing my eyes, and letting the smell bring me back.

Stay Healthy My Friends.

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