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Intelligent Balance

Today's topic is Neurohacking and Biohacking - and how to use your oils to their fullest extent to enhance your little one's learning and life experiences.

Now today's post wouldn't be any good without a full blown story - because the story is what makes the oil effective - and makes this post worth while.

Seeing as it was a beautiful sun shiny day - the #TwoHappyDudes went on one of their Father-Son adventures - in which I wanted to pass down some things I'd learned using the scents as a helper.

First enter - the #OolaBalance. Oola Balance is great for balancing out what needs to be brought back to center - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When I first encountered both Oola Balance and Oola Grow (another post on Oola Grow is coming later) - Oola Balance was the one I was heavily drawn to. At the time - I didn't need any growing - I needed to balance.

I explained this to Tolly while we were off on our adventures. Now you see - Tollefson has gotten heavy doses of MindWise ever since he was about 6 months old. If you've ever used MindWise - you know what this stuff does for the mind and for memory and mental enhancement. While Neurohacking might be all the "up and coming rage" - MindWise is way ahead of that game already. The point I'm trying to make is - Tollefson understands every word you say to him - even complex thinking topics.

I explained to him while making rock towers - that you needed to have a good base first. You have to start on the bottom - or you have nothing to balance on. I further explained this to him by having him try to stand on one leg - and showing him how easy he fell over without a solid base.

I further demonstrated the point as we started stacking rocks. At first he would hastily just put rock after rock on top of each other - which would quickly fall over after reaching only a height of only a few rocks high. I showed him that he needed to take the time to balance the rocks - and make sure the first rock was steady before you moved on - and that it was important to take your time. Enter - GenYus. GenYus is to enhance mental processing - specifically in logic, reasoning, spatial awareness, and complex concept comprehension. I then explained to Tolly that if he used what he learned from balancing the rocks - than an ever great tower could be built if started with a bigger base and bigger space to build our tower upon - which would let us build a bigger tower in the end. After a while of showing him what we were doing (and him deciding he wanted to knock it down to see how it would fall a few times) we ended up with our tall tower in which to put our oils on that we used. After he had grown tired of rock stacking (about 30 minutes into it) we were blessed with a train coming by that he sat down and wanted to watch - and we talked about all the train cars that went by - and what might be in them. He thought it was waffles and animals - I didn't want to tell him otherwise. At the end of our adventure he wanted to go the "kids adventure zone" that we've frequented in the past and do some gross motor activity.

In this part I thought it would be a good idea to to take his shoes off and let him feel the earth under his feet. After I took his wonderfully brightly colored shoes off - along with his socks - and put him up on the large rocks. I then had him close his eyes, take a few breaths, and feel the rocks and moss beneath his feet. After about 30 seconds (he has amazing patience for closing his eyes and feeling the area around him) he opened his eyes and was ready to being traversing the rocks. I re-applied GenYus to his pre-frontal cortex and reminded him that if he planned how he wanted to get across the rocks and planned where to put his feet and hands - that it would make getting across the rocks easier. He then spent about 20 minutes going back and forth across the rocks and practicing how to appropriately place his hands and feet to get across the larger gaps and keep his balance. Of course he knew Dad would help - but he enjoyed doing as much of it on his own as he could. Oola Balance goes best over the heart (the center and balancing area of the body) to help bring the body, mind, and spirit back to center - where everything important in life comes from (and goes in). GenYus goes best over the pre-frontal cortex (the forehead) where decision making and planning is located and processed - as well as a little bit under the nose to help more immediately stimulate those areas of the brain. The #TwoHappyDudes had a great time learning - and hopefully our adventures can help you use your oils to the fullest as well. Until next time - Stay Healthy My Friends.

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