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Today's post is going to be about how to have more energy - naturally.

I've covered NingXia Red in the past - but let's refresh really quick:

NingXia Red is a superfood blend of the Wolfberries grown in the NingXia province of China, where people have an incredible propensity to live to a very old age. In fact - it's got one of the highest number of people to live over 100 of any place in the world!

Experts attribute this to the superfood that is grown there in the extremely mineral rich soil - far from the damaging pollution that ravages many other places today. Not only the mineral rich soil, but the incredible spring water that is used to water the berries adds to the health benefits of this berry as well. There is also a pomegranate, cherry, and other juices added as well to not only boost the taste - but the other health benefits as well.

Along with the berry blend - comes Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, and Yuzu Oils as well to up the antioxidant profile even higher. In fact it's one of the highest measured antioxidant supplements you can find anywhere in the world - especially for the price. Dollar for dollar - NingXia Red blows any other supplement away when it comes to antioxidant profile. Antioxidants not only help scavenge free radicals - but help support the healthy formation of DNA and can slow the natural aging process. In a world filled with electromagentic smog - this is a blessing indeed. Those that are into the field of epigenetics like myself - it's really worth paying attention to the DNA supporting effects of NingXia. Reprogramming genetics takes a lot of energy - usually in the form of antioxidants. A 1 Oz shot of NingXia Red also has as many antioxidants as 100 organic oranges. I don't know about you - but I've priced organic oranges. NingXia Red is about 100 times more cost effective in getting antioxidants - bonus.

NingXia Red is also exceptionally dense in B-Vitamins. B-Vitamins are what your body uses to get energy out of the food you eat. Without ample B-Vitamins, you can eat all the food you want - but won't be able to get energy out of that food. It's like putting gas in a car - but not having any spark plugs to make that gas ignite. Exercise also greatly depletes B-Vitamins, as does the detoxification process. Anything that goes into your body that shouldn't be there (and that's a lot in today's world) takes a LOT of energy to get rid of. That's where your NingXia comes in - it is incredible at supporting the liver.

While we could go on all day about NingXia - let's stick with that part for now.

Meet: Nutmeg Vitality

Nutmeg mimics the hormone adrenaline in the human body - helping to give an incredible energy boost as if you got a rush of adrenaline. The thing is however - adrenaline breaks down into the stress hormone "cortisol" when it's done. So anytime you get an adrenaline rush - your body will also get a stress hormone rush as well. That's what makes Nutmeg such a useful oil - it will mimic what adrenaline does - but doesn't break down into the stress hormone Cortisol! How great!!! This way you can get that nice surge of energy, but not get the surge of stress in the body!


Endoflex is support for the thyroid. Here's the thing - the adrenals where adrenaline is produced is also tied directly (and indirectly) to the thyroid. When the adrenals where adrenaline is produced gets burnt out or stressed - the thyroid has to pick up the slack. Over time, this leads to both of these body systems falling below the line, and not functioning as well as they could. The thyroid also controls the metabolism, telling the body how warm to be and how much food to burn up - so when the thyroid isn't above the line - neither is your metabolism. So in this instance, we've paired a 1-2-3 combo to get your energy levels up to where they should be.

We've got the NingXia for the B-Vitamins to get the energy out of the food you eat, the Nutmeg to give you a nice surge of energy without stressing you out or making you jittery, and the EndoFlex to help support that metabolism and help the body send signals to start burning up food and making energy.

Basically what we're doing - is supporting multiple body systems at once to get the biggest bang for your buck - because no one wants to go broke trying to have get energy.

Best ways to use:

Add 1 drop EndoFlex Vitality and Nutmeg Vitality to your 1oz Shot of NingXia (slightly less intense longer sustained energy) OR Add a drop of EndoFlex over the Thyroid and a drop of Nutmeg over the Adrenals and take your NingXia Shot (more immediate pick me up)

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