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Grounding in your future Self

Today at bathtime was yet another unique experiment time. I recently got Sacred Sandalwood as a gift from a wonderful friend - who asked me to let it speak to me and interpret what I've found out. She's one heck of a stellar lady and I can't wait to see what she's got planned in this world - and may today's description help her and anyone else it can do the most they can and help out where they can - including themselves. The simplest way I can describe this oil - is to "Ground in your future Self". What I mean by this - is to help bring your vision of yourself and your family (living and not) - your ancestors - both future and past - down into the present physical world that you occupy at the time. The being here - being now - but in a sense of awareness that focuses on your body - and how it got here - at the time. It's the connection your body has with the earth. The dust and rocks that have become animated to enable you to be the walking house of your soul for the time being.

And with it - comes the focus on the moment. The moment of your consciousness connecting with the physical plane completely - both past and future. Your ancestors in both directions.

The footprints you leave in the sand - and the ones that walk with you.

The realization of the castle in the sand - beautiful however temporary.

But it's loving the Castle in the Sand for what it is - temporary.

Enjoy it in the moment - always remembering that these moments wash away like sand in the waves. It's the house built on the rock that stands. And that house is your family - present - past - and future.

It's how your family stuck with you and raised you - and how you will mold the future generations of your family. The what stays behind that doesn't wash away. The love you share with your family that gets passed down through generations. Epigenetics recently followed epigenetic memories being passed down 14 generations. http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-have-observed-epigenetic-memories-passed-down-for-14-generations

What does this mean for you? What thoughts are you leaving a trail of that gets picked up by your future generations? What habits do you have that they see you do - that then become theirs. Genetically - and in habit. Humans are creatures of habit. The monkey-see monkey-do. Sacred Sandalwood is about becoming aware of that - and building a better version of your future self - and then grounding down to realize all that needs to be done - and do it. To give thanks for your breath. To stand up when you're called. To seeing your habits for what they are. To stopping the clock and saying "wait a second". To reconnect with that which you are made of.

Just as your feet long for the grass - so too does the earth long to feel your feet in the grass. The muck and the mud that we're put together from - and the what will you do with that dirt. Will you turn it to gold? Or leave it as mud?

So when you use Sacred Sandalwood - Give thanks to the earth for giving you the body to have this breath. Give thanks for the breath that created you.

To feel your past, to feel your family, to feel where you came from.

Not just as a person - but as people. The connection between your lineage both up and down - and the entire human family. Connected with the Earth and gift of experiencing life she gives. It might be a little past Earth Day - but not if you don't look at the calendar. Make ANY day - a Sacred Sandalwood Earth Day.

Tonight's bath the nieces were over and helped Dad entertain Tolly while he played in the tub with his toys. Pouring water from glass to glass, popping bubbles, and playing in the tub like kids do. Sacred Sandalwood is wonderfully calming and grounding, earthy, supportive of the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet, incredible at supporting youthful, vibrant, glowing skin, and supporting epigenetic scent based memories for you and your family. First use is best to dilute a few drops and rub your whole body down with it - and lay down and give thanks for the body you have. Give thanks for your breath. Thanks for your family, your health, your blessings, gifts, and abundance in your life. You've got plenty to be thankful for if you look hard enough I've found. May your family enjoy a night filled with blessings such as I have - and match a scent to your blessings too while you're at it (I suggest Sacred Sandalwood...)...

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