• Adam Ringham

Day 2 of Essential Oil Assisted Artistry

On day Two - we applied Envision to Tollefson's third eye - Then I told him to close his eyes, look in his head, and paint what he sees. He spent about 30 minutes carefully choosing which paints he wanted on each page, then would tell he he was all done with a page and close his eyes and then shortly after start another. One can only imagine what he sees for the most part - but it looks like he's giving me some clues. Remember to enhance your little ones activities as much as possible to not only create scent based memories, but help speed the development of their abilities and talents as well. This oil was specially formulated to support the "Third Eye" and bring visions from within. These can then be translated through the gift of art - the gift of being a creator of our own universe. Nurture your little one's gifts and abilities to enhance their creative expression - because it's not just through art they they can express themselves - it also brings a deeper understanding to language, emotion, mathematics, and more. Hence - why it's important to nurture every aspect of yourself - and so you know how to fully nurture your children. He also spent about a half hour rubbing his forehead on the cat and touching their 3rd eyes together - and then told me to pray for the kitty. That however - is a different story for a different day. Stay Healthy My Friends - Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

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