• Adam Ringham

Awaken Your Child's Inner Artist

Within every child lies the dreamer, the poet, the painter, the musician, the sketcher, the dancer -

The artist. Artistic expression is the transforming of an idea and making it a real, tangible thing. It's an emotion given life and created in substance, in matter, in flesh, in reality.

Nurturing creative expression in a child allows them to express themselves in new ways, and develop new skills, and nurture talents - both genetically inherited and developing anew.

It's way to express themselves, to bring the inner out, to become a creator of their own in which to mirror reality in their own special way.

It's a way to let their spirits speak, to soar, and to grow.

While there may not be words - there will be emotions.

Nothing makes our little guy happier than to show his Mom or Dad his new art that he did - and hang it on the wall.

Add Awaken Oil over your heart and/or theirs to awaken the heart to the beating of the Universe - to the connection with the divine creator. To let the miracle of life flow forth in the creations they give life to. Let their interpretation of what they desire to express burst forth into reality and color the lives of both themselves, and those around them. While my wife might see a mess - I see the signs of life. Awaken oil goes best over the heart or inhaled with the intention of awakening to all that is, and all that isn't. To awaken the feelings dormant within yourself, the pieces of yourself you forgot and left behind. It may take some emotional processing once they come online - because many of us haven't used these pieces of ourselves very much and they've gotten rusty. Let your artistic self spring forth and speak that which can't be said with words.

Stay Healthy My Friends -

Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

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