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Curiosity and Inspiration


"Curiosity stretches what you can imagine.

It is the main ingredient to envisioning anything in life. Life is stale without curiosity. People who maintain curiosity throughout their lives, live long and fruitful lives."

~Althea Gray, Healer plain and simple Curiosity is the spice of life - it's part of the main ingredient in "Humanity". When we lose the wonder in life - we lose the most amazing part of ourselves and the most amazing gift we as humans have been given - the ability to see the magic in everything.

As we fill our faces and our consciousness with flickering boxes, with thoughts of celebrities, of conflict with the earth and our fellow humans - so too does our wonder fade - and our connection with one of the creator's most wondrous gifts.

The first letter in the Hebrew word for "Humanity" is "Aleph"(this is what my book will be on eventually). If we spell the letter "Aleph" out in Hebrew - we get the letters "Aleph, Dalet, Peh" as seen below.

This is how we spell "Aleph" in Hebrew - ALP(F). The letter Aleph is a letter that always means "connected to something above, something not of this world, something beyond our comprehension". It is the first letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet (Alpha-Bet) - and has a numerical value of 1. Now what's interesting, is if we spell the letter backward we get the letters "Peh, Lamed, Aleph" - or Pelah (pronounced) - which in Hebrew means "Wonder". That's what life is - it's a wonder. There's always something more - there's always something greater - there's always something we won't understand. Because it's a wonder - life is a wonder. That's what the letter Aleph teaches us. So often we forget to look not only outside ourselves at the magical world around us - and what miracle life is - but we forget to look inside as well - and r3m3b3r what a gift every breath is. How wondrous creation is. How sacred life is. Mine, Yours, Everyone's. #Inspiration Oil can help you look at the wonders we find everywhere - all around us - and everywhere within us. Mind, Body, and Spirit - and what wonder the miracle of creation is. To find every seed, every flower, every blade of grass, every breath, every thought - to be a mirror of God's creation in us - and our ability to perceive it as well. There's a wondrous world out there waiting for you - and to make the world a wonder... You just have to see it as such. Take a moment now to give thanks for all you have, all you will receive - and look to every element of creation to give you the inspiration you need to bring your best and brightest to the world - to be a light of the world - and to the world. Stay curious, stay in awe - And Stay Healthy My Friends.

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