• Adam Ringham

Lessons from Flowers

Today I'd like to share a lesson from a beautiful friend of mine - Neroli. Neroli is the oil of Purity, of Innocence, of Seeing Beauty, and of Compassion. As many people know - I delve into many areas of darkness in my life - from my activism - to my "Shadow Work". The activism is self explanatory, so let's talk about "Shadow Work". Shadow Work is about confronting your darkness, the pieces of you that you've discarded, that you'd rather not have, the pieces of your soul that have been lost or discarded, the times in your life you'd rather forget. The aspects of the self that you'd rather ignore and just not think about. The experiences that are painful - but help shape who you are - and limit who you'd like to become. Neroli, is the flower of an orange tree. It vibrates between the 2nd and 4th Chakras. In layman's terms - this means it connects your sexuality with your heart. The loving based creative expression of your sexuality, and all that you create. Sexual energy is used to create - and creating can be an artistic expression, a piece of music you play, artwork you make, a song you sing, a poem you write, or even a blog post you put out into the world. Lately I've been purging the trauma of being sexually abused as a child. When the child-like innocence is violated - it ripples into all aspects of your life. It affects your self esteem, your self worth, your self expression, and your ability to experience pleasure. When childhood trauma is experienced - we get the "Michael Jackson" syndrome. The constantly wanting to live as a child and not being able to grow into adulthood. Specifically we'll talk about Neroli here - as "Inner Child" oil is more about the inner child - Neroli is about the sexuality. Now I'd like to point out - that sexual trauma is not only way to induce a trauma into a person's sexuality. It can be psychic attacks such as porn (and the outrageous perversion of the beautiful expression of love sexuality is) to disconnect one from what it truly means to be intimate - to the psychic attacks on magazines, billboards, advertisements, the stuff scattered everywhere. The "You're not good enough" tactic. Because when you don't feel like you're good enough - you attempt to fill that void with things. The emotion that you bury alive takes on a parasitic life of its own - eating everything it can to fill that void - but never being able to fill that hole enough to become whole. Neroli helps us to fill that hole, to cross that void between not good enough and fully loving yourself. Its energy is best described as the sweet, unconditionally loving Grandma that brings you into her flower garden and accepts you as you are - and asks you to bloom like the flowers no matter the circumstances. It helps you see the beauty in life - in everything. It helps you remember that God is always there......if you care to look. It helps give you the confidence to move forward no matter the circumstances, no matter the challenges, no matter the past. The flowers love you just as you are - and the flowers continue to work toward blooming no matter the circumstances. If you trample them, cut them, don't water them - they just keep working toward the goal - blooming. Meeting life with that smile, and that drive to continue reaching for the sun. Neroli helps us to see the beauty in life and all of its splendors. To take the stains on the paper and look at it as art. The take the crumpled paper and fold it into origami - that even the dirtiest mistakes can become a masterpiece when viewed in the right light. It tells you to accept yourself. Love yourself. Bring back the innocence and perfection. To hold up the mirror of creation and look at yourself as such - and restore that child-like innocence and wonder of all of life's beauty and splendor. For the flowers revenge when trampled - Is perfume. Be the flower today.

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