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Frankincense Experiment

I'd like to share one of my recent experiments I'm conducting on myself. As always - I'm testing different things on myself to be able to share with the world what I've found. I go through lots of things. Some bad - some good - some horrible - some awesome. However, I always learn something. The good lord has blessed me with an incredible level of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual durability, so I feel it's my duty to try things and let other people know how it goes - so those more fragile can spare themselves the stress of experimenting on themselves - or at least have a better idea what they're getting into. My latest experiment - was purchasing a Frankincense Resin that was not from Young Living. We always hear how Young Living has the best products - and myself being a glutton for punishment - always like to test this. I'm not here to pick on any company what-so-ever, so let me set that straight. No room for negativity here. I will however let you know, that upon trying a Frankincense that was not Young Living's - that there is INDEED a very large difference. I LOVE burning Frankincense resin when I'm playing piano, listening to music, doing dishes in the kitchen, cleaning, many different activities. The smell to me is simply divine - and puts me in the greatest and most wonderful mood. The mental stimulation and support both invigorates and calms me at the same time. That being said - this Frankincense was only in my resin burner for a couple minutes before I shut it off and scraped it out. It smelled awful. Now, Young Living uses either the species Boswellia Sacra, or Boswellia Carterii - not the Boswellia Serrata that is shown in the picture. The reason why is that those two species of Frankincense have far, far more health benefits than Boswellia Serrata. That's something a lot of people, companies, doctors, naturalpaths, and basically the general populace doesn't know. That being said - I knew this ahead of time. I got this stuff on sale at a health food store and thought I'd try some stuff out. Since it is NOT Young Living - I'm able to say whatever I want about this product as far as medical claims go and how I use it. What I've been doing - is eating the powdered resin in fairly large amounts (two tablespoons at a time twice a day). I cannot tell you if I do or don't eat Young Living's resin - because that breaks compliance. However - I CAN tell you that I eat THIS stuff - just to see what happens - because I'm not selling it so the compliance rules don't apply to me. I've toyed with not being a Young Living member just so I can say what needs to be said - and it's a thought I'm still entertaining. Different topic for a different day. I will however say - there is a Young Living product that does contain powdered Frankincense Resin - I'm just not going to tell you what it is because well - I like to make people do a little of their own research here and there. Here's what I've found that is different when I eat this stuff - versus taking the oil itself internally or inhaled/diffused. Taking the powdered resin - I'd like to make the following analogy. Or allegory. I don't know. I can never keep those two straight. The powdered resin internally - I'll compare it to listening to music. The powdered resin is more like listening to the "bass" in the song instead of the melody when compared to taking the oil internally. It's slower, longer, deeper, and louder. Comes on slower, lasts longer, and is physically more intense than the oil. It's not to say the oil isn't beneficial internally (actually I freaking LOVE drinking Frankincense Oil more than words) - the resin is just.....different. I suppose one could say it's like eating a "Pot Brownie" instead of smoking a joint. Different. Not that I'd know the difference between those two - just throwing the comparison out there. I also noticed that my dreams have been far more intense and vivid (not sure if it's my newly charged crystals I washed in the ocean and if they play any role or how strong - so I'm only going to focus on what appears to be the results of the Frankincense). It also appears to interact with DNA in a stronger way, however a much slower - longer - deeper interaction. Hence the more vivid and deep dreams. They are much deeper rooted in symbolism and meaning than the standard dreams I get diffusing Frankincense or taking the Oil internally. Those dreams are still quite powerful - they just don't seem to be as "deep". Also I noticed that it caused more of what appears to be a heavy metal detox (thankfully I know how to take care of that) than just taking the oil internally. Different memories, thoughts, psychic implants, and habits - especially the negative ones - love to bind heavy metals into the DNA. That's the fastest way negative emotions get stored in the DNA - heavy metals. They allow connections that normally wouldn't be formed due to creating a "bridge" in the genetic encoding that normally wouldn't be created. Think of it as a "negative duct tape" that patches things where they normally wouldn't go in your DNA (hence - why there are so many heavy metals in so many different things such as make-up, vaccines, GMO foods, you get the idea. Our handlers at the top know this - and purposely saturate everything they can with heavy metals to slow down the evolution of our consciousness (including fluoride and geoengineering). The mood overall while awake doesn't appear to be altered or changed much - I actually hardly notice that I've taken it consciously. While meditating I notice it, but I kind of have to look for it. Physically I notice inflammation is down slightly, and energy levels appear to be unaffected. I will continue to experiment with it in different ways - and see how it affects my Biblical Hebrew studies (I did inhale a lot of Sacred Frankincense while studying during my vacation in Florida - and had powerfully vivid dreams about the Hebrew letters and lessons). Hopefully you have enjoyed this post - and it has given you some insights - and sparked your curiosity into the different types of Frankincense, what makes Young Living so great, and different ways to use Oils vs Resins and different routes of taking them. Feel free to join my "Forum page" on my site and let me know anything you've found - I'm always open to hearing it! As always - #StayHealthyMyFriends.

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