• Adam Ringham

Ginger Tumeric Lemonade

Ready for one of the best and healthiest drinks you've ever had? Juice up: 2 Lemons 2 Oz Ginger

2 Oz Fresh Tumeric 2 Drops Each Black Pepper Vitality Oil, Citrus Fresh Vitality Oil, Lime Vitality Oil Add 2 cans of Sparkling Mineral Water Sweeten to taste with Honey The Citrus Fresh and Lime Oil add extra antioxidants, while the Black Pepper oil increases cell membrane permeability and supercharges the Tumeric in the body. Tumeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory with loads of anti-cancer properties, but the problem is it doesn't enter the cells in the body very well - and that's where Black Pepper Vitality oil comes in. It can make Tumeric up to 1000 TIMES more bioavailable - so less Tumeric does more - and that saves you money (and makes it more sustainable!). Black Pepper Oil also encourages a healthy stress response in the body - so this drink is the ultimate way to relax!

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