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Those of you who are not familiar with Otto Warburg and his research on Body PH and Cancer (for which he won a Nobel Prize) - please start with looking into that so you're up to speed. Otto Warburg was granted his Nobel Prize for discovering that Cancer could not live in alkaline condition in the body. Let's dive into this a little bit. Alkaline is the opposite of Acidic. Basically - acid or base. It's called the pH of something - or "potential of Hydrogen". Think of it this way - battery acid or the opposite. What does acid do? It corrodes things. Technically so will an alkaline solution, but let's keep it simple and talk about what acids do to things. Everyone is familiar with that. Acids have a lot of free Hydrogen+ molecules - hence "Potential of Hydrogen". More free H+ molecules means more more acidity. It also means less free electrical charge. What this means in the body - is that when the body is more acidic - your body has to work harder to make energy and is constantly fighting "corrosion" or "rusting". That's kind of a simple way to think about it. It's not perfectly scientifically accurate, but let's just use that kind of a thought. If your body is acidic - it's fighting corrosion and having a hard time making energy. There's a process in the body called the Krebbs Cycle. To make a long story short, your body uses Creatine or ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) as the main currency for energy in the body. When an area of the body drops below a certain PH, the body switches to making ATP though a different mechanism called anaerobic respiration. This is basically a fancy way to say your body has to make energy for the mitochondria (power plants of the cell) differently. Here's why it's important though - when it switches to this type of energy production - you make 18 TIMES LESS - or in essence - your body has to work 18 times harder to make energy for the mitochondria. ATP is the main source of "energy currency" in the body. This happens naturally during exercise and is not a big deal - but if you're ALWAYS stuck in this mode of energy production - it eventually wears down the body. That's why you don't exercise 24 hours a day - you go for an hour (roughly - on average). So that's the best, and easiest way to put this. When your body is acidic, it's like you're exercising (but without the benefits of exercise). If you're always acidic - your body never gets a rest. It's always having to "swim against the current". Always stuck in the "low energy production mode". So I present to thee: AlkaLime. AlkaLime is for lack of a better way to put it - a wonderful way to help support a healthy body PH. It has minerals to help buffer out acidity, and different oils to help support those buffering systems. If I were to list all of it we'd be here all day - so let's just keep it simple. AlkaLime helps the body bring it's PH into a normal and healthy range. Who would want to use it? Those who want help neutralizing lactic acid after exercising (which means less soreness - remember - lactic acid is what makes you feel sore). Those who haven't made the best food choices when eating. Those who have high toxicity (such as heavy metals which lower body PH). Those who have lower lung function and can't exhale waste gasses efficiently. Those who just want to help keep their PH "above the line". Those (like myself) who just think it tastes great - and don't mind all the extra health benefits that come with it. I'll be doing many talks on Body pH in the future - but let's start with this awesome little product and how it can help you - like I have above. The single most important thing to keep your Health Above the Line - is to keep your Body pH Above the Line. Do it with AlkaLime.

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