• Adam Ringham

Excessive Spending

Cutting my spending down and making a healthier lifestyle more sustainable has been one of my latest goals.  

Because who wants to go broke staying healthy?

Today I saw a Chocolate bar for $8.95 because it had 15 mg of CBD oil in.  9$ for chocolate.

Common sense immediately kicked in to absolutely refuse to purchase it - because I know a far more cost effective way option:


At $42 for a 15 ml - it is  hundreds of times more cost effective to buy Copaiba than it is CBD chocolate bars.  Copaiba has many of the same chemical components as CBD oil - the main one being Beta-Caryophyllene.

Beta Caryophyllene has neuro-protective properties, supports health inflammation response, and is an epigenetic super penetrator to help nutrients super shuttle into the cell and wastes get out faster.  It also has no psychoactive properties - so while medical marijuana might be all the rave - you can get the same benefits from Copaiba - and still get stuff done - at much more cost effective price point.

Go go gadget budgeting.  That means I can add Frankincense AND Copaiba to my chocolate and REALLY get some brain boosting benefits - and "support a healthy budget" as well.

Smart smells good today.

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