• Adam Ringham

The Smell of Heaven

Now - this is only a description I paint - I only ask that you entertain it with an open mind - and draw your own conclusions. Cistus (Rose of Sharon) is the "Spiritual Jasmine". Jasmine being the physical equivalent of the emotion "love" (BTW if you don't have Jasmine - it smells SOOO GOOOD). Cistus is the "spiritual equivalent" of love. Allow me to explain. When we talk "spirit" or "soul" - I talk about the part of us that is eternal. Your version of incarnation, religion, how many incarnations, afterlifes, is your business - but I talk about the part of you that is "truly you". We inherit our DNA from each side of our parents, the day and time we were born, the astrological alignments at the time of our birth, we get many of our ideas from TV, Movies, Society (think "psychic implants" in loose terms - thoughts that aren't yours but what you are told to think. I.E. football is manly, pink is girly, etc etc etc) - but there's that part of you that is actually YOU. Many times because we are in our physical bodies - this is all we really think about. The problem is - we need to think of ourselves as "souls with bodies" not "bodies with souls". You can have a soul without a body - but a body without a soul is just a "computer program" running on pre-set inputs. Not truly alive. Due to many of these "implants" and distractions these days - not many people are in touch well with their souls. The part of them that always was, always is, and is connected with the creator at all times. When we "slow this soul" down enough it condenses into physical matter - and thus a piece of our soul inhabits our bodies (and each time we "sin" we suffer a bit of soul loss in the process through the death of our bodies). Cistus puts our soul back in touch with the Creator of all that was, is, and will be. It was the oils given to Christ before his crucifiction, when he was in a time of doubt and fear - asking "father why must I do this". Cistus helps to give your soul courage and remind it - that the soul never dies. It might fracture, be imprisoned (different topic different day) - but it cannot be destroyed. It reminds our souls of the divinity that we truly were created by a masterful divinity - and that we are always connected with it. While Sacred Frankincense is more so when it's time to "speak" directly with the creator, Cistus helps us feel his/her love on a level so deep - that it speaks to our soul. The body - the more pain we are in - only allows us to feel so much of that love at once - and hence the amount we "like the smell". What you describe that you "like how it makes you feel" in a way you can't put your finger on - is because you literally can't put your physical finger on it. The unique chemical profile mimics neurotransmitters and signaling molecules in the body that help us "feel the eternal" in a loving way - but the amount that you can feel it depends upon the shape that the body is in. The soul feels it completely, while the body struggles and lags behind until it is purified enough to truly connect with that love. Cistus is best used in prayer in attempting to feel the love of the one that created everything - and goes best over the heart or on the vita-flex for the heart on the wrists, or even on the nose (and around it). However with daily use, the body starts to pick up the frequency of it interacting with the part of you that isn't physical, and the physical begins to change in the direction of what the soul feels. As Tesla called it - Resonance. As an example - if you were to fill a room with tuning forks - and go in and stuck a "middle C" - all the tuning forks at the note C will start to vibrate - responding and resonating to the "C" note that was stuck. Simply put - Like Attracts Like. Resonance. So Cistus is to strike the Tuning Fork of the Creator's Love on a level that interacts with our soul - and it takes time for our body to catch up to that feeling. Hopefully that paints an interesting picture that explains it somewhat. For some things cannot be shared - they can only be experienced. #iLoveFlowers #YoungLiving

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