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What it truly means to forgive, is to let the time loop of an experience go. To process it away. It doesn't mean the moment didn't exist, it just means you let the pieces that no longer serve you go.

Time really only exists in our minds - as memories. There is no future, there is no past, there is only now.

Our memories create the illusion of past and future.

Holding on to an entire moment - is one of the reasons for death. Trying to live in a moment that isn't there. It's holding a piece of yourself back and leaving it in the past, so that you cannot be present. Don't let the past rob you of your present, and your future.

When you forgive, you let go of the pain and past, keep the memory, and live for the present and the future. Keep the pieces that grow your soul. Keep the memories that make you smile, that make you love, that make you laugh.Keep the pieces that keep you looking forward, for all of our tears dry faster in the sun.

Love harder, love stronger, love someone today.

Let true forgiveness wash down over you, even if letting go hurts more than holding on.

Learn what it means to truly forgive, and you'll know what it means to truly love.


Image Credit: http://fav.me/dayk0tl

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