• Adam Ringham

Emotional Processing 101

Emotional processing 101: Let me start off this post with the humility to ask for prayers and support. Yesterday my grandma broke her other hip (after just recovering from breaking her first hip). Surgery went fine - and Tolly, my Dad, and the rest of her kids were there to greet her in the hospital room when she woke up. Of course - I came bearing flowers (she's the one I genetically inherited my love of them from). She saw Tolly n started tearing up.saying "here's my medicine" - a perfect example of pure love. I always have the tradition as well of having my Grandma wear Cistus when we visit - not just for her because as sad as it is she's nearing the end of her life - but for Tolly to establish scent based memories with the person who taught our genetics and souls about flowers and gave us our love for them. As expected - it's an emotionally challenging time. However, there's another sadness on top of it. Grandma has a memory that is flawless, but is suffering from Parkinson's. She's on meds that have slowed it slightly - but come with many side effects - one being: Osteoperosis. So to keep her mind - she has to trade her body. What breaks my heart - is that the fluoridated water massively contributes to the Parkinson's due to it's neurologically toxic effects on its own - but makes the body absorb heavy metals faster and super-shuttle them into the brain. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/iage/201407/fluoridation-and-dementia It breaks my heart that if the medical community would stop long enough to think that instead of just medicating - maybe we should stop causing the damage in the first place. Maybe Grandma would have both her hips, and her mind, if we could use some common sense. Onto the oils. There's so many ways to use them. To help me emotionally process all of this - I chose Northern Lights Black Spruce and Balsam fir. Those who saw my post this morning on "Forgiveness" will understand the importance of clearing these emotions. Black Spruce is used to ground and empower yourself - so I coated my feet in it - and applied ot to my lower back where psychic garbage likes to accumulate. Then Balsam Fir over that lower back and over the heart to emotionally release the pain and frustration. I applied them in that order so I was first grounded, then released the emotion (remember - intention goes a long way) - and hit the gym for legs day to further enhance the lower body - connecting to the ground - the Earth - to let those emotions drain off to be recycled by the Great Mother. You can always follow more on my blog atwww.stayhealthymyfriends.win to read up on Cistus and Forgiveness if you'd like. Thanks for all the support too - it means a lot. #EmotionalWeightLifting #YoungLiving

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