• Adam Ringham

The Spirit of the Wolf

In the spirit of last night's full moon -

Tolly and I monthly try to go out and howl at the full moon together.

I do so to teach him about the spirit of the wolf.

About brotherhood - and the pack. Accomplishing goals by joining with your brothers and sisters. About the strength in unity. Teamwork.

But also - about the lone wolf within. When one must travel at the speed of the Wofl. Alone - and swiftly.

About the two wolves in each of us - and which one to feed.

Making peace with both of them - until they are one.

I use #Shutran to help instill confidence, courage, and manliness in Tollefson - and the scent can always remind him of our time in spent in symbolism.

#YoungLiving #Symbolism #WhichWolfDoYouFeed #ThePack #Brotherhood

Image Credit: http://fav.me/db0fntb

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