• Adam Ringham

Bath of Kings

Tolly gets a bath of Kings tonight: Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood - For DNA support through genetic lines in particular, an epigenetic powerhouse - which is fit for supporting that king like skin. Frankincense - For further DNA support, another epigenetic power player, and magnifies the intention of other oils - further supports the skin and nearly every body function. Rose of Sharon (Cistus) - Used when Christ needed the spiritial courage to face his soul's mission. Cistus sets the tone of your intention - like the singer at a microphone - it sings your spirit's song to your DNA. Myrrh - Myrrh was the last oil Christ received before crucifiction to ground the spirit into the body and further support courage and faith in the creator. Myrrh is amazing for the skin and loads of other things - but I'm using it to "slow down time" and keep all the other oils from being overwhelming - slowing their absorption and making the effects happen over time. Epsom salt - Magnesium and sulfur support to speed toxin chelation through the skin and help oils dissolve. Sea Salt - To help buffer toxins and provide mineral transport support Azomite powder - Absorbs the toxins that come out so they don't get reabsorbed. Also neutralizes fluoride and chlorine to further the detox gently. What most people don't realize - is your DNA is your most prized possession. It passes down through generations - keep it clean, keep it beautiful. #YoungLiving #BathForaKing #GettingDeep#GettingBiblical #LiquidGoldGenetics

#OilsoftheScripture #BathofKings #Children

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