• Adam Ringham

33 Days of Oils - Day 1 - Sacred Frankincense

#33Oils - #33Days Only fitting that I start with where it all began - and funny enough - the number 33 is significant to this oil. The first oil I'd like to talk about - is a literal lifesaver - and happens to be my number one favorite oil ever. Sacred Frankincense is what I call "The Landline To God". By that - I don't mean a magic man living in fluffy clouds - something external. What I mean by that is the living god within each and every one of us. As Jesus said in the dead sea scrolls "God is not found in temples of stone in wood - but he is found in temples" (at this point I would have you apply Sacred Frankincense to your first fingers and tap the sides of your forehead - Temples you know). Sacred Frankincense is for when the light inside you has gone out. When it's gotten so dark you can't see your way. When the only way to look in the mirror is to close your eyes. When the darkness takes the weight of a trillion black holes. That's when Sacred Frankincense helps you realize - there is no darkness without light - They are both one in the same. That the darker the room - the brighter a single candle will shine. That those who have seen the darkness - know best how to shine the light. That "God" has never left - you just aren't looking (#153Fish) That the weight of those trillion black holes - is also the light of a trillion suns spread to every corner of creation. That when you finally let go of yourself... You begin to see yourself in Every rock (or crystal) Every whisper Every plant Every mistake Every failure Every triumph Every person.... .....and in nothing at all. That every moment is entirely yours - and how you look at it defines every portrait of time. That when in those moments when you can't see anything at all - it's because all of the light is within you waiting to shine out. That every mistake you've made is a lesson. When you can finally say - I Understand. This my friends - is what Sacred Frankincense means to me. And this is the start of my story. #33Days #Perspective #ShineFromWithin#TheSoulIsEternal #LandlineToGod #CrownChakra#Moldavite #ChristConsciousness#SacredGeometery #Symbolism #Numerology#Astrology #Archetypes #LoseYourIdentity#YoungLiving #EssentialOils #SacredFrankincense #IUNDERSTAND

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