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Essentially Fit is your comprehensive guide to using Essential Oils in conjunction with your Workout Plan, Exercise Regimen, or Dieting Goals.


Included are not only what oils to use - but WHEN, HOW, and WHY you're using them to help you achieve your goals - so you can become.....



33 Days of Oils is a book that encompasses quantum physics, astrology, Gematria, Hebrew, epigenetics, acupuncture, sacred geometry, essential oils and how they interact with your consciousness, along with how to use them to hack reality in ways that have never been described before.


This isn't a scientific, chemical breakdown of your oils - this is a metaphysical way to grasp what exactly they really are.


Each drop is the liquid manifestation of a trillion prayers from God, lovingly here to support you in very specific ways.

So You’re Going To Have a Baby is your go-to-guide for navigating medical procedures in the modern world when it comes to having a baby - even before conception. Inside you’ll learn about Heavy Metals, Pitocin, MTHFR, Fluoride, Ultrasounds, Vaccines, Vitamin K shot, Strep B, Eye Ointment, Delayed Cord Clamping, Folic Acid, NSAID’s and Glutathione, mitochondrial disorders, aborted fetal tissue, and more.


This isn’t a book to tell you what decision to make - but is instead a book of questions for you to ask your doctor.


Also included are historical data for “vaccine preventable” illnesses including death rates, risks, and comparable concerns, and an extensive list of studies on all of these topics.


If you’re looking for a book to help gently guide you on how to work with your doctor to make the right medical decisions for you and your family - this is it.

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