All about MTHFR and Glyphosate

Below I've added some of my favorite links to start explaining what MTFHR is and what it has to do with Glyphosate (RoundUp).

It's a long topic - but I encourage you oh so much to start learning about what it is really doing to you and your loved ones health.  To sum it up very quickly - RoundUp and it's active ingredient is far more toxic to you than you have been led to believe.

At the very bottom you'll find the links to congressional testimonies on the problems with RoundUP - one of which is by Steriling HIll who describes (in the not so simplest way unfortunately) how the synthetic amino acid in RoundUp can end up replacing an amino acid in your genetics - which effectively shuts off the body's ability to make certain detoxification enzymes.  This ends up leading to the body not being able to make the enzymes needed for detoxification and sulfation pathways - meaning you body is essentially sulfur deficient - even if you're taking in enough sulfur.

The best way to start learning about all of it is to read through the transcript from Wendy Myers directly below where she talks about in detail.  It's not a short read - but it's completely worth reading it to start wrapping your head around everything.

In the future I'll make some nice videos breaking it down simply for us - along with some extremely simple ways to help detoxify RoundUp out of the body and out of the genetics.

Of course - not putting RoundUp into your body is one of the first things that a person should do.

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