Passionate About Inspiring Others

As a Dad, I want to help other parents give their kids the most amazing life possible.  Be it just around the house, out on adventures, teaching my kids about life, learning about nature, anything activity you can imagine can be enhanced even further.

I love incorporating Young Living products into my life - and especially into my kids.  I like to create what I call "Scent based memories"- where I use the sense of smell to tie in memories of activities with my children to help drive those memories deeper into their minds, and into their DNA.  It's much like when you smell Apple Pie and you used to bake it at Grandma's house - the smell brings you back to your childhood instantly and those memories come flooding back.  What I try to do is take that idea and put it on steroids - and tie as many different scents in my kids childhood to as many positive activities as possible.  That way my kids will think of me long after I'm gone every time they smell a scent.

Supercharging their nutrition

Not only do I create scent based memories - I supercharge the foods and supplements I give my kids to give them the best shot at life.  Be it enhancing the ability to play a musical instrument or process the information in complex music, to hype-creation of neural connections to help them learn to control their bodies faster, to enhancing detoxification pathways so they are more immune to every-day toxins, to boosting digestion so they can more rapidly assimilate amino acids for muscle repair, to boosting their emotional processing so they can love deeper - there are so many topics to cover in my blog - it'll take you and your kids a lifetime to do it all.

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