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Charity Work

One of the most important aspects of life, is that when God takes care of you - you help take care of others.  Charity work isn't about "because you feel bad" - but because it's your duty as a Human Being to help lift up those less fortunate than yourself.

Over the past few years I've been fortunate enough to be able to personally feed hundreds of homeless children around the world with the excess blessings God provides for me.  Aligning yourself with the natural Laws of God and heeding Jesus words is important in my life - and I'm supportive of every person no matter their race, religion, sex, color, nationality, nor any other details of their life.

Love unconditionally,

Is a pretty simple concept.

The gallery above is a tiny collection of the support my Ministries does.  All donations go 100% to charity feeding the homeless, clothing those without clothes, building roofs over people's heads, giving water to the thirsty, and healing the sick.

Anything else but that is an insult to Jesus words.




Pravallika and Korinelu

Prvlika and her husband Kornel are two of the most selfless and trustworthy Human Beings on the planet, and have worked countless hours to help make sure the needs of hundreds of needy people are met every month.

They have Truly dedicated their lives in to service in Jesus name - making sure the needs of all are met to the best of their abilities.


Rain, Heat, Wind, and Cold - these two do whatever it takes with the help of their team to ensure the job gets done day after day, week after week, month after month.

If you would like to follow them on Facebook, or donate to them personally (until my Ministries is filed correctly) directly please head to their Facebook page and send them a message (and give them a follow) today:


Ministries Creations

Each of my Ministry's creations is a hand crafted, Alchemical amalgamation of the finest ingredients from around the world.  God has sent me all not all over the country - but all over the globe, and instructed me to learn multiple studies including astrology, quantum physics, ancient languages, newtonian physics, biology, psychology, crystallography, metallurgy, gematria, epigenetics, ancient texts, geometry, chemistry and organic chemistry, essential oils and herbalism, digital media creation, mead brewing, and the full range of all Alchemical Arts.

All of the experience and wisdom is then distilled down into creations to help Humanity evolve as fast as possible - while staying completely aligned with God's natural laws and in harmony with the bioenergetic field of complex human consciousness.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual octaves are accounted for in every creation - and over time they continue to evolve and become 4D, 5D, and 6D creations.


The Virginity Oil box set was designed for a multitude of reasons.

It was created to restore the purity and innocence of the Divine Virgin within all of us - both Men and Women.  It is only through the Virgin Consciousness that the Inner Messiah can be given birth through into your life.

Each sexual partner we entangle with, we leave a piece of our soul in them, and they leave a piece of their soul in us.  This is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in nature in which two people entangle.

In order to experience the Divine Union in your life with your mate, you must clean all aspects of other people from your energetic field, mind, body - and soul.

This blend was also created for those who have experienced sexual trauma and had their innocence stolen.

It finally, is for people who want to to purify their sexuality of perversion due to the world we have around us, and the negative influences on sexuality on television, magazines, culture, pornography, and the lot.

Virginity Oil is incredibly relaxing (Neroli) which helps you to slow down and appreciate the life around you, while cleaning your DNA and emotionally disconnecting from anything blocking the Virgin Consciousness at the current moment.

Not only is it incredibly helpful at helping someone forgive their trespassers and gently releasing trauma - but it Virginity Oil is an incredible tool for couples who want to dedicate themselves to their partner completely, and on every level.

For couples - apply the oil to each other as instructed in the box for 3 days, and watch your relationship evolve at a whole new level of passion, purity, and perfect desire.

Dark Knight - abir laylah.jpg

Dark Knight oil is essentially a blend created to bring you on a full journey through the Underworld - the same as you would as described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

It was designed to help you delve in and identify your inner Prince and Princess - and rescue them from YOURSELF.

Eventually - when you go up high enough in the spiritual realms, we are all both Masculine and Feminine.  Our Earthly incarnation simply assigns us one of the two bodies (male or female) in which to exist in a polarized 3D world for an experience.

This being said,

What good is a Knight or a Princess if you don't have a story of a Dragon being slain?  All good love stories (including the ones of loving yourself) require a good fairy tale to help make the time spent worth it.

Dark Knight oil is both incredibly emancipating - as well as equally softening.

It perfectly blends both Masculine and Feminine traits from within, and helps you go into the deepest, darkest places to rescue the aspects of yourself you have discarded (Shadow Self).

There is an incredible amount of energy, gifts, skills, and abilities lying in waiting - deep within your shadow self.

Go get it back,
With Dark Knight.

Ingredients include Palo Santo, Black Spruce, Black Narcissus, Black Frankincense, Helichrysum, and Dragon's Blood, and Orchid essential Oils.

Aries Rising 555.jpg

Aries rising is an extract from Maca, Reshi, Ashwaganda, Black seed, Goji Berry, cordyceps, lion’s mane, black maca, dandelion, milk thistle, stinging nettle, and red sandalwood powder. It was started on the jupiter/saturn conjuction of 12/21/2020, burned off on an aries direct station, and filtered on an aries/taurus alignment.

Aries rising is also blended with a special ratio of colloidal gold and titanium - which would be the alloy that Ironman’s suit would be made of - as it’s 10x harder than steel, immune to acid, biocompatible, and a near super-conductor.

It is combined with Coffee flower honey (ruled by Aries) as well as Start Thistle Flower Honey (Ruled by Aries) - and finished off with Goldenrod Honey to add extra “hidden fire” as well.

Aries Rising was designed to awaken your inner warrior - specifically to push back against control systems and hardened belief systems that limit your reality.  It isn't just a "let's fight for the sake of fighting" as many Aries like to do - it's balanced with specific "peaceful warrior" energies that would make Lao Tzu proud, where the only battles won are the ones you never fight.

Aries Rising will help awaken not only an incredible level of physical durability and ability to regenerate, but also a mental tenacity and ferocity that is not dulled or worn out by battle.  Physically do not be surprised if your body changes drastically, and if hormones realign rapidly in ways they haven't since you were in your late teens.

For those of you who are here to push back against the current control systems that are hijacking Humanity - this is the solution you're looking for in order to become "the glitch in The Matrix" that is a virus for good and unstoppable positive change.

Aries Rising is best taken starting on a Monday taken every day for 4 full weeks until the 29th day (which is a Monday you'll end on) - and taking 3 drops either in the mouth directly or in your water upon waking is your best solution.

Poseidon's Bride.jpg

I've created Blue Lotus spyragic alchemical tincture in which I soaked 2 pounds of Blue Lotus flowers in 95% organic alcohol starting on the night of a full moon with a Pisces station direct.

Pieces astrologically is ruled by a Neptune - or Poseidon, and is the sign of Pisces.  Pisces anatomically represents the feet, and the deep and emotional subconscious.


Paired with the full moon energies, it feminizes the energy moving into a waning full moon to clear the emotional/divine feminine body at the deepest levels of the subconscious. The waters of Genesis 1 in creation called "Tahom" that represent the quantum realm of "the formless void" or "unreality" in a literal English translation.


The Blue Lotus flowers were soaked for a full month, the liquid was separated from the flowers, and the flowers were burned to ashes (representing a purifying death) then the "purified body" was recombined with the "soul of the plant" or the oil/spirit - essentially putting the whole product through a "death and rebirth" process to exponentially increase the potency.


In addition colloidal Iridium,  Rhodium, Platinum, and Silver are added - then combined with Blueberry Honey (which is ruled by Neptune) in order to active the Divine Feminine within your subconscious even further, and fully activate the template of the Divine Feminine with your DNA as well and help bring you Jesus to core of your soul and spear it past all barriers in your subconscious.

The Peacock/Thunderbird is the alchemical opposite twin to The Phoenix - and combining the two represents The Divine Union between Masculine and Feminine - and will help you clear the way to your most perfected self, perfect in God's eyes - the "Tamim" (the perfection which Jesus gave his sermon on the Temple Mount in Capaernum about).

Due to FDA compliance we cannot tell you to usePoseidon's bride at 3 drops per night either directly in the mouth our in water - starting on the night of a full moon, every day until the next full moon.  We can tell you that you can use this topically on the Crown or 3rd Eye Chakra.

It may also be used instead before being intimate with your Divine Mate (not just anyone you are with sexually at the time) before love making. 

It is very important that you make sure the person you use this with before being intimate is "the one" you are to be with - as it drastically opens the Crown Chakra, as well as entangles your realities and DNA extremely heavily.  Breaking these ties ones formed will be incredibly more difficult than standard soul ties from being intimate.

Men are also highly encouraged to use Poseidon's Bride to awaken their feminine side - as awakening the feminine within them allows them to be more receptive to their feminine counterpart's energy in 3D reality.

While Masculine is expressive - the Femine/receptive is required in order to receive that which you desire to manifest in your life, as well as awaken many of your psychich gifts (as the Feminine receptivity and emotional processing are at the core of many psychic gifts and telepathy - as well as clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance).

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