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Keeping your consciousness


Advanced TRS is a nanoparticle clinoptilolite, which is a crystal in the class of zeolites – that has an exceedingly powerful negative electric charge to help detox over 80,000 different toxins.

Clinoptilolites by nature use the strong electronegative charge to pull positively charge particles (toxins nearly always carry a positive charge) like heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and aerial particulate matter into a “soccer-ball like cage” in which the toxicity is rendered completely inert and gently excreted without causing damage on the way out.

Since it is a crystal – it enhances your body’s piezoelectrically project field (your “aura”) to strengthen, magnify, and stabilize it.



Heavy metals and other toxins disrupt neurological function, trap in negative emotions (in your DNA as well), and lower your vibration and make it more susceptible to external influences.

Advanced TRS also has exceedingly unique digestive and immune support function, and can help the body identify and eliminate parasites as well.  Parasites use heavy metals to hide from the body and guard against immune attacks, so when heavy metals are removed – many times the viruses go with them.  Peyers patches as well can also become choked up with heavy metals which leads to digestive and immune dysfunction, because the biological sensors get “gummed up” with heavy metals and biofilms – leading the body to believe there is something wrong when there isn’t.


Keeping you super

for generations to come

Advanced TRS also supports and emotional detoxification, as physical toxicity locks in the emotional toxicity to the corresponding emotion as it relates to the body part where the emotion is stored.  Also genetically toxicity will cause epigenetic alterations that trickle down to your children and grandchildren over time the more you are exposed to and surrounded by toxicity.

Advanced TRS also lab-grows it’s clinoptilolite to nanoparticle size for extreme purity unmatched anywhere, and uses a proprietary process to the bind the clinoptilolite crystals to water (merging them with the emotional element water).

This allows the crystals to not only provide enhanced emotional detox supporting capacity, but also allows for the crystals to go anywhere in the body water can, including the organs, spinal columns, and even across the blood brain barrier.

Detox Smarter,
Not Harder.

Advanced TRS is unique in the way it helps to detoxify – that all the toxins are neutralized and encapsulated, so the toxicity doesn’t cause damage on the way out of the body.  This is something no other product can do.

Advanced TRS is also selective in its detoxification pathways – that it doesn’t absorb beneficial/organic nutrients from the body.

Every bottle has over 5.2 million square feet of surface area to detoxify the body – so a little goes a very, long, way.

Detox smarter, not harder.

With Advanced TRS.



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