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33 Days of Oils Front Cover font FINAL.jpg
33 Days of Oils Front Cover font FINAL.jpg

33 Days of Oils

Essential oils aren't just organic chemical molecules, they're a whole subset of God's reflection of the cosmos in the soul of a plant.  When we take these terahertz frequencies and integrate them into our consciousness - far more than just emotional, cellular, epigenetic, hormonal, immune, and organelle cascades ensue within our body - and entire dance of the cosmos is released within us, but we need to be able to look at things from BEYOND just the molecular chemistry standpoint to truly understand not only Essential Oils...

But ourselves as well.

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So You're Going To Have A Baby Cover longer 2.jpg

So You're Going To Have A Baby

So you’re going to have a baby is your go-to-guide for navigating medical procedures in the modern world when it comes to having a baby - even before conception. Inside you’ll learn about heavy metals, Pitocin, MTHFR, Fluoride, Ultrasounds, Vaccines, Vitamin K shot, Strep B, Eye Ointment, Delayed Cord Clamping, Folic Acid, NSAID’s and Glutathione, mitochondrial disorders, aborted fetal tissue, and more. This isn’t a book to tell you what decision to make - but is instead a book of questions for you to ask your doctor. Also included are historical data for “vaccine preventable” illnesses including death rates, risks, comparable concerns, and an extensive list of studies on all of these topics.  If you’re looking for a book to help gently guide you on how to work with your doctor to make the right medical decisions for you and your family - this is it.

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