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success is defeating yourself

The world is your oyster...

For those willing

to do the work.

If you want to withstand

the pressure it takes to

become a diamond,

You've got to support

your physical


Transformation isn't

easy, or everyone

would do it.


Keeping your consciousness


You don't let your floors get dirty and expect to do business, just like you can't expect your consciousness to be dirty and run a clean business spiritually.

Advanced TRS is a nano-scale,

lab-created clinoptilolite that starts out perfectly clean, so it can remove over 80,000 different toxins that stand in between you and perfection in your life.

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It's not how much stress you can put yourself under, it's how fast you can RECOVER and integrate the new information and put it to use.

Becoming LIMITLESS requires exceedingly high levels of neuroplasticity and neuroconsolidation, so that you can process and integrate more information


learn and do more,

in less time.

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Cell voltages of

Lightening Bolts

Mitochondria of cells are designed to operate at voltages over 10x higher than lightening bolts - but if you're hypoxic or don't have the mineral capacity to conduct these voltages, you'll barely light up a light bulb.

Black Oxygen Organics is 45% oxygen by weight - and is like a liquid hyperbaric chamber for your mitochondria (the power plants of cells) and literally liquid fuel for the immune system to do its job.

Reality is heavy - beef up your consciousness to get the job done.

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ReverseFX label stock ad.png

Reverse Time

After an insult to the immune system or a lifetime of exposure to the world, the immune system can pick up faulty instructions and programming that can cause it to operate at less than optimal ways and levels.

ReverseFX was designed to modulate over 10,000 different genes to bring everything back to homeostasis and turn it on "GOD Mode" with laser targeted precision.

Over 15,000 hours of research went into developing a fully natural product that restores God's design to its Divine Template

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