33 Days of Oils

Day 1 - Sacred Frankincense

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This is not only my favorite oil ever - but resonates with the number 33 probably more than any other oil.

The first oil I'd like to talk about - is a literal lifesaver - and happens to be my number one favorite oil ever.

Sacred Frankincense is what I call "The Landline To God".

By that - I don't mean a magic man living in fluffy clouds - something external.

What I mean by that is the living god within each and every one of us. 

As Jesus said in the dead sea scrolls "God is not found in temples of stone in wood - but he is found in temples" (at this point I would have you apply Sacred Frankincense to your first fingers and tap the sides of your forehead - Temples you know).

Sacred Frankincense is for when the light inside you has gone out.

When it's gotten so dark you can't see your way.

When the only way to look in the mirror is to close your eyes.

When the darkness takes the weight of a trillion black holes.

That's when Sacred Frankincense helps you realize - there is no darkness without light - They are both one in the same.

That the darker the room - the brighter a single candle will shine.

That those who have seen the darkness - know best how to shine the light.

That "God" has never left - you just aren't looking (#153Fish)

That the weight of those trillion black holes - is also the light of a trillion suns spread to every corner of creation.

That when you finally let go of yourself...

You begin to see yourself in

Every rock (or crystal)

Every whisper

Every plant

Every mistake

Every failure

Every triumph

Every person....

.....and in nothing at all.

That every moment is entirely yours - and how you look at it defines every portrait of time.

That when in those moments when you can't see anything at all - it's because all of the light is within you waiting to shine out.

That every mistake you've made is a lesson.

When you can finally say - I Understand.

This my friends - is what Sacred Frankincense means to me.

And this is the end of my story.

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Day 5 of #33DaysOfOils Challenge:


Abundance oil is a blend of Orange, Frankincense, Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce Oils - and used to support both a giving and receiving attitude of abundance.

Many times we get stuck in the "Poverty Mentality" - that it's "Spiritual to be Poor" - and subconsciously create a rejection to all the forms of abundance life has to offer.

It's not just monetary, it can be happiness, sunny days, a good attitude, friendship, time with family - the list goes on and on. I sometimes get in that mentality that "I don't want your money - I just want to help" - forgetting that there's nothing wrong with earning an honest living. Abundance reminds me of that - that as long as I'm honest and sincerely trying to help people - there's nothing wrong with earning an honest living.

I also realized - that if you never ask - you'll never have. And ask often. You have to knock on the door for it to open (and sometimes you gotta knock as if your life depends on it).

I recently have been diffusing Abundance mixed with Awaken in my car - and had the strangest dreams as a result (or at least I believe that's why - because it was perfectly tied into abundance).

I'll save most of the details because some were quite intense - but the long story short at the end a kind spirit helped me in my dreams, they then wanted to give me money after helping me. I was very taken aback - wondering "why do you want to pay me after helping me?"

After much pondering - I took it as symbolism to mean that I was subconsciously rejecting abundance - and should really rethink my attitude. If someone/thing wants to share something with me - why reject it (the proper response is another post for another day)?

#NoBetterTime #GetTheRightAttitude #YoungLiving #EssentialOils#Abundance

Day 5 - Abundance

Day 4 of the #33DaysOfOils Challenge:


Before I get started on this oil - I'd like to share a story. This one is a book - so get your patience on.



Do you see – do you see – do you see how you hurt me
So I hurt you too
Then we both get so blue
I am on a lonely road and I am traveling
Looking for the key to set me free
Oh the jealousy, the greed is the unraveling
It’s the unraveling
And it undoes all the joy that could be
– Lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s “All I Want”


This week’s Full Moon in Aries is conjunct Uranus (trauma, breakthroughs, flashes of intuition) and the asteroid Eris, who’s name translates most closely as ‘Strife.’ Eris, aka the Goddess of Discord, was most famous for breaking up a wedding party…and inadvertently starting a war.

This particular wedding was one for the books. The vows were exchanged, the banquet table was set, the mood was ebullient. All the Gods were in attendance: Aphrodite, Hera, Ares, and Chiron, to name but a few. Even Athena came, which the poet Colluthus noted with absolutely zero chill, “albeit of marriage she was untaught.”

They were all there, except the one who had been intentionally left off of the guest list: Eris, the Goddess of strife, contention, and rivalry.

Even amid the pantheon of dubious, shape-shifting, questionably-motivated Greek Goddesses, there was none more unliked than Eris, with Hesiod asserting that ‘no man loves her but under compulsion.’

And if you recall the myth of Pandora’s box, which doomed humanity to unending suffering for all of eternity,…well, the evils and diseases that escaped Pandora’s box were Eris’ children. She’s not just the bearer of grudges, arguments, and contention, but the metaphorical mother of human suffering.


So, it makes sense she wasn’t first on the list for a wedding party.

When Eris realized she wasn’t welcome at the nuptials, she seethed with humiliation, anger, and jealousy. She pondered several plans of destruction as payback, but settled on her golden apple, a prized gift from deep within Juno’s forbidden gardens. Instead of using warfare or a natural disaster, Eris would disrupt their happiness by exploiting their most obvious weaknesses: vanity and jealousy. She swiftly inscribed the apple to “the fairest of all” and lobbed it into the locus of the wedding party with stunning accuracy.

The golden apple rolled past the feet of Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite, all keen to grab the prize and be known as the most beautiful of the Goddesses.

Enter Zeus, who never missed an opportunity to dodge his Godly responsibilities. Zeus had too much skin in the game to decide who was the most beautiful, being that it was a competition between his wife, his cousin and his daughter, so he clearly needed to hand the job off to someone authoritative and cunning…like a secret prince man-child that was raised as a shepherd.

So in the end, it was Paris, the shepherd boy, who was left to set things straight between the competing Goddesses. Eventually, he chose Aphrodite as the fairest of all because she promised him a hop in the sack with the world’s most beautiful woman, Helen of Sparta.

Aphrodite forgot to mention that Helen was already married, but who has time for details when beauty is at stake?

In short order, Paris abducted Helen and refused to return her, kicking off a 10-year war that ravaged both sides irrecoverably and destroyed the city of Troy.

All this, because Eris wasn’t invited to the party.


Of course, Eris wasn’t a real person, and nor was she all bad; like any God, she’s just an archetypal energy to which we can all relate. Undoubtedly, strife, jealousy, and contention are a part of life: all of us have at one point or another been the one not invited, the one burning in humiliation, the one ready to start a war.

And yet, strife can be incredibly useful, as noted by several of the Greek poets. When we have someone or something to compare ourselves to, we can become more driven and productive as a result. The aim is not to wish for less strife, but to reframe how we interact with it.

The myth I find the most illustrative about Eris involves Hercules, who was out and about one day, strutting his strongman stuff when he chanced upon a strange object in his path. Unsure whether or not it was a dangerous ploy left by a trickster God, Hercules took his club and slammed it – only to recoil in horror as the object doubled in size. Confused, but not dissuaded, he hit it once more and blinked in disbelief as the object doubled in size again.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, sees Hercules in complete apoplexy and lets him in on the secret: that thing he’s smashing with a club is Contention and Strife (basically: Eris, in disguise). If he leaves it alone, the object (contention) will disappear, but if he decides to fight it, it will just continue to grow and grow and grow.

There’s a lot here to unpack.

Firstly, if a ‘watched pot never boils’, then the absolute opposite is true of our problems, personal dramas, and psychic tensions. The more attention, and therefore energy, we give them, the larger these problems seem to grow.


Sometimes our pains start out small but due to our own pot-stirring, expand until they take up permanent residence in very expensive internal real estate. Like the Clampetts, but the psychic version.

Secondly, and importantly, when we fight these contentions, we are only ever fighting ourselves. And if you haven’t noticed, there’s enough out there to fight right now without getting dragged into a shadow boxing match.

Overall, the ruler of this lunation, Mars, is in a few sticky wickets here. This Full Moon may be a difficult moment in sussing out the difference between the mountains and the molehills.

Mars conjunct Pluto can create intense power and transformation, but it can also be explosive. The sense of a needed release can build and build until it all comes gushing out. I suggest you indulge in more psychically hygienic forms of release this weekend: Shamanic work, journalling, sex, hot yoga, a sauna, even a colonic – as Pluto has some relationship to the bowels.

Mercury (communication) square to both Mars and Pluto may incite you to throw your own golden apple around or to pluck holes in others smoothly-laid happiness. The most balanced way this aspect can function is by communicating (Mercury) with brutal honesty (Pluto) your deepest needs/desires (Mars). With Mercury in people-pleasing Libra, there might be a wish for a less direct, in-your-face way of approaching tough subjects. This is all well and fine, but come late December these issues may re-arise with a vengeance when Mercury becomes conjunct to Pluto. Those on the receiving end may not be ready to hear you and may need some time to process the information that rushes forth, but there is never a wrong moment for expressing your truth.

This is also part of Eris’ wisdom.

Eris may be the one who threw the apple, but in the end, she made her peace or said her piece, whichever you prefer. She walked away clean. It would be so easy to blame Eris, the single, salty she-wolf, for all the bad things that followed.

But take a moment to consider another viewpoint.

What if everyone else had ignored the golden apple and gone about their business?

At this Full Moon, leave any golden apples where they lie.

It’s already a beautiful strife – you don’t need anymore."

Being an Aries - and tonight's full moon - this is the perfect oil to talk about.

Jasmine was the 3rd Chakra I saw while meditating (all of that is a story for another day, and another time).

Jasmine is perfectly fitting for tonight, as she is known as the Queen of the Night.

It's flowers are harvested by hand, in the middle of the night, by moonlight, on the night of the full moon, and the flowers cannot be crushed on the way to the distillery. It takes over 100,000 flower blossoms I'm told to make a single bottle of Jasmine Oil.

You see you have to harvest Jasmine on the night of the full moon - because the moon has more effect on our world than most people care to realize. It can move trillions upon trillions of gallons of water untold feet, back and forth, twice a day, in the oceans, which create our tides. It also can make people do strange things - because it makes microbes go crazy in the soil. It is also great for charging and cleansing crystals, and is known as the Mother (The Sun is the Father - in the alchemist world).

Hence - Jasmine is the queen of the night.

There is no better way to describe her - than pure intoxication. If you've ever smelled it on a woman who's genetics have adapted to it - and who's emotions are pure enough - that woman can make you do anything she wants.

Jasmine is the only woman that can hold a candle to my wife's beauty (unless she puts it on and then I'm screwed).

This is Jasmine. Utter Pure Intoxicating Love. Complete forgiveness. Loving you as you are.

I myself upon the start of my journey had my soul shattered into so many pieces and scattered about by the cosmic winds I thought myself unfixable. Jasmine came along and showed me that it was not only possible to love myself again, but showed me how.

I'd talked about how the only way I could look in the mirror was with my eyes closed before (Sacred Frankincense), Jasmine gave me the strength to begin piecing myself back together - bit by bit - piece by piece. To realize the pieces of my discarded soul were just waiting to be washed clean with love and forgiveness - then put back into place.

She is pure love manifested in the drops of the heavens - contained in a little bottle - waiting for you to realize the love within yourself - for yourself. God's love isn't something external - it's something that waits within you - waiting to be realized - waiting for you to make yourself whole.

That through this love every wrong you've made - can become the driving force to become whole again.

She taught me that so many times what we see in others that makes us the most upset - is that which we loathe about ourselves. That only through pure compassion can wrongs be righted.

The harder you try to fight your demons - the stronger they become. Demons - did I have.

The lessons taught me not to fight the demons, but to instead love them whole. To take every piece of you that you hate - and bring it back to the light with pure love. That's the lesson Jesus taught - unconditional, unfailing love (I also attribute this property to my wife and her exceptional patience with me).

For of all the people I'd ever met - I was the most broken one could ever fathom.

Tied down by so many demons - the only way to make it through the day was to spread the pain that I felt onto others. The only thing I lived for - was to destroy myself and the miracle of god's creation I'd been given even further than I already had.

Every day I'd drink at least a 12 pack of beer, a gallon of diet coke, a half pound of peanut butter M&M's, a few family packs of fruit snacks/gummy worms, 2 pots of coffee, and this is just the start. Hence why I was 300 pounds. I hated myself more than anything else - and my demons blinded me. They made my think my indulgence in self destructive habits was fun - and healthy - because it was fun.

But it wasn't until I destroyed myself - utter and complete destruction - that I learned how to rebuild myself.

To integrate the pieces of my soul that had been lost and cast aside - and how to do the same for others.

She taught me that the only way I had any hope of loving anybody else - was to start with loving myself.

Because you can only love others - as much as you love yourself.

So with these energies tonight - may you love yourself and others unconditionally. Don't follow Hercules and attempt to destroy hate with hate. Fight hate with love - for hate is the opposite of love.

Flaws, faults, and all. May the gentle light of the moon wash you clean of your hates, your grudges, your boundaries, your mistakes - until you realize the God's unconditional love that has always been and always will be - completely within you waiting to be shown.

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Day 4 - Jasmine

Day 3 of #33DaysOfOils - Oola Balance.

There's too many different oils in this one to list - so there's just no point. Unless you're Gary Young - it wouldn't mean anything to you anyhow.

Oola Balance is just for that - Balance. In my previous two posts, much like my friends, I talked about spiritually uplifting Sacred Frankincense, and the Uber Grounding oil Vetiver. Now I covered both the up and the down - but we missed the middle. That's where Oola Balance comes in.

This is one of my favorite smelling oils - the best way to describe it would be soft floraly. It still smells like flowers (I love flowers) - but it's scent is very soft - much like dawn's first light. Bright but gentle, warming but not direct, like the 3rd porridge of Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Just Right.

After I'd finished writing my Essentially Fit book (the new version updated for 2016 will be available on Amazon in about a month) - I was in wonderful shape - but was an emotional and spiritual disaster. I had only one leg of the stool complete - and there was no way that stool could stay standing. It would stay up if you held it - but only if there was someone there to keep it that way (my wife).

Oola Balance taught me that I must make the sacrifice and bring it all back to the middle - to balance it out. I wasn't overly pleased with having to do so - and thus began my long Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Emotional and Spiritual work (multiple books coming there I promise).

During the course of which I found out just how stressful balancing your emotions and spiritual aspects can be - and my physical fitness had to go by the wayside. I suppose it doesn't matter - as I've put muscle on and lost it more times than I can count - so I've gotten pretty good at it.

I hit the emotional aspect hard - too hard. And my cortisol levels were through the roof - causing me to not be able to visit the gym for over a year due to so much stress (I've since figured out ways to speed this up outrageously). Pretty much all of my weight room gains were gone - but the emotional journey was that of a legendary voyage.

That's where the Oola Balance came in - you cannot have any one of the three without the other. You can't live in the spirit realm - because as of now I live in the physical realm. The emotions are the halfway point in-between. It taught me to grow each leg of the stool together - for if you don't you are likely to tip - or will have to lean on someone the entire time.

Everything in balance. Find your center. Find the middle ground. You don't have to compromise anything if you find your balance - and will end up growing faster than you would working on only one aspect at a time. Like a plant with no roots - it tips over. Like a plant with all roots - it doesn't go anywhere. Balance.

Oola Balance is incredible at helping you find your center, making the work that must be done easier, and is one of my FAVORITE oils for children to emotionally balance them - even above lavender. 

Most emotionally balancing oils are a bit sedating, this one however is that 3rd porridge - just right. 

Calming but not sedating, balancing but not grounding.

If you've got kids in gymnastics - all I can say is you should try having them wear this before they go perform - I shouldn't have to tell you what it will help the with.

The only problem is - it's been out of stock for forever and I'm now out of it. I always keep my empty bottles though so I can smell them and bring those memories and lessons back - and I had to dig for a bit to find this one.

If you'd like to hear more about my talks on children and oils - head over here:

Picture taken with large sphere of Eudialyte, Sphene/Titanite, and Aegirine - which I found very fitting to by symbolistic of the task I had to undertake with Oola Balance. Symbolism you know...


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Day 3 - Oola Balance

Day 2 of the #33DaysOfOils Challenge!

While not quite as deep as my last post - this oil is no less important.

Vetiver is one of the "Kings" of the grounding oils. By "Grounding" - I mean being able to stay calm and focused in the moment - staying present. I associate this oil with the "Earthstar Chakra" - or the crystal Tourmaline (look up it's metaphysical properties to get a good description) - the Earthstar Chakra is one that connects you with the earth - essentially - Dirt. When you smell Vetiver - that's much what it smells like - dirt.

Vetiver is incredibly calming and wonderfully supportive to the nerves - especially the synapses - and supporting clearing toxins from them. One of it's greatest attributes is its ability to support the chelation of the heavy metal Cadmium (which coffee is high in, is hard on the kidneys, and makes your teeth yellow very quickly). Medical heavy metal chelation therapies do not have a way to chelate the heavy metal cadmium (not even EDTA).

If you look at the plant Vetiver - it's easy to tell why it's so grounding. It has roots that are twice as deep as the plant is high - hence it's a very "grounded" plant. Vetiver is also extremely labor intensive to harvest, as the grass must be peeled from the ground and then the roots beaten with sticks by hand before distillation - and it's also an incredible thick oil. To help it come out of the bottle better - I like to rub it between my hands (the bottle) and energize it at the same time.

Anyone who has hyperactive children - a little of this on the back of the head (brainstem) or under the vitaflex for the brain (big toe) can help them calm down incredibly (or in my case put my to bed in the middle of the day). At first it's a lot to adapt to (I was very heavy metal toxic - that didn't help) and can really slow you down, but after you get used to it - it's incredibly helpful at assisting you in keeping a calm demeanor. 

I also have heard some absolutely amazing stories from people who have used it with their Autistic children - but the FDA won't let me talk about that (super low vibes there).

Vetiver also has decent antioxidant properties, and can support the immune system in very unique ways (funguses grow much better heavy metal toxic bodies (*cough* adjuvants *cough*)).

Because of these properties - it makes it EXTREMELY important that the plant is grown in soil free of heavy metals - or it picks them up and can come out in the oil. This is why I'll only use Young Living Oils - as very few growers pay any attention to this fact - or will ship their oils in aluminum containers (remember what I said about heavy metals - and why storing the oil in a heavy metal like aluminum might be bad...).

Make sure not to go overboard, because a little goes a very long way. I think this is only the 2nd bottle I've bought in 4 years - and I still have about half of it left.

I also love to put it over the kidneys to help support what they do best in excreting things that shouldn't be in the body - especially those of you who have a coffee addiction like I used to.

So for anyone who REALLY needs to slow that crazy train down - look to Vetiver to help put the brakes on and bring that thing to a near screeching halt.

Remember - high vibes aren't always about flying high - sometimes you've gotta land that plane and bring it down to the ground to refuel. 
What goes up must come down right?

To hear my talk on Essential Oils and kids - with things like how to make "Poor Man's MindWise" - mood congruent sustained neuroplasticity - and the emotional and spiritual aspects of oils and kids - hit up the link here:

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Day 2 - Vetiver

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