Day 21 of #33DaysOfOils


Here's the skinny on EndoFlex:


Be prepared for some uncomfortable truths in this post. I'm all for helping people support their bodies - but I also put as much effort into sharing how to stop causing the damage in the first place.

EndoFlex is a blend of:


Spearmint is great for supporting the digestion of toxic material (physical, emotional, AND spiritual). Remember - the words you speak - have a frequency to them - and can be just as damaging as a physical toxin. Spearmint helps support the digestion and breaking down of toxins on all 3 levels - as well as having mood supporting properties - because doing "work" when you're in a better mood always helps things move along better.


Sesame Oil:
This is a carrier oil to help keep the oil around in an area longer. See when you dilute something - it's not always about "toning down the spiciness" - it's also about keeping the oil in an area longer, and having its effects last longer and come on in a slower, more controlled manner. That's why it's here - to keep the oil in the thyroid and parathyroid area longer.


Sage is a very hormonal and spiritually purifying oil. The thyroid is part of the endocrine, or hormonal system. It releases T3, T4, FSH, among other hormones - and much like Clary Sage is supportive of hormones - regular sage is there to help support different hormones - specifically those related to the thyroid.


Geranium oil is "the breaker of habits" - or helps increase "openness". If you read my post on epigenetics earlier on Geranium - you'll have a better understanding of what Geranium oil does. Essentially - it's there to help "break the laziness and habits" of a thyroid that needs to get up to speed - as well as discharge toxins and provide immune support.


Myrtle is like a "fan to the flames" in the furnace of the body - the thyroid. It stokes the flames and gets the heat going - because that's what the thyroid does - regulate body temperature by releasing hormones and either working more, or less. Myrtle helps support the thyroid and signal it to work more and do it's job.


I'll be honest - I have no idea. Sorry.


Nutmeg mimics the effects of adrenaline in the body. See, the thyroid and the adrenals are perfectly linked. When either one is stressed - the other has to pick up the slack. The problem with adrenaline, is it breaks down into the stress hormone cortisol. While cortisol in itself isn't necessarily bad (as stress is needed for growth) - the problem is nearly every one is overstressed - and gets stuck in the cycle of adrenal fatigue and adrenaline resistance, also called the excess cortisol cycle.

Nutmeg can help mimic the effects of adrenaline without breaking down into cortisol - so your body can get the energy boost it needs without becoming stressed out.


All of these oils work together in synergistic harmony to help a thyroid get up to speed. The thyroid basically regulates and controls all of your metabolism - and when it's not working properly the body can't regulate its metabolism or body temperature.


So here's the next problem - the part no one wants to address. Well too bad - I'm doing it.


Through corruption (gee that would never happen) in the U.S. government and a judge taking a $770,000 bribe - the United States started forcibly fluoridating its water supply based off of studies that were complete crap. Fluoride has never ONCE been tested for safety (except by Harvard who found it was a neurotoxin at ANY level) - and is literally toxic industrial waste - it is rat poison - at any level. 
 More can be learned here:


Let me paint you a picture.


First - the second picture I've attached is from the WHO on countries that have fluoride in their water vs ones that don't. 
 Now ask yourself - if countries that don't fluoridate their water - have the exact same levels of tooth decay - why is it still being added to your water?


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there may be a problem here.

Here's the main problem I'd like to point out.


Fluoride is a halogen that displaces Iodine in the thyroid and in the body. 
Why does this matter? Because your thyroid NEEDS iodine to function. EndoFlex is NOT iodine - it is support for the thyroid - but it needs iodine to function.


So a synergistic toxicity between two halides, both Fluoride and Chlorine - are destroying your thyroid - and robbing your body of the Iodine it needs for numerous functions. That's why 70% of Americans have a thyroid problem. Great for those who make thyroid meds at least though huh?


Anyone that tells you differently is either stupid, or lying. That includes your dentist - who has no problem filling your mouth full of mercury claiming it's "amalgam". Because changing the name of mercury makes it OK.


Don't believe me?

Ask your dentist to pull out the container that he gets your mercury fillings from before he puts them in - the one coated in "biohazard" symbols.


But hey, the medical community has never been wrong before - so blindly trusting everything you're told is a great idea.


Basically - if you want to support your thyroid - EndoFlex is amazing. But if you stop causing the damage with Fluoride and Chlorine from your city's tap water (and the damage doesn't stop with your thyroid - sorry folks) - you get to use LESS EndoFlex.


That's right - I'm not trying to just sell you a product - I'm trying to tell you how to stop causing the damage in the first place.

Day 21 - EndoFlex

Day 22 - Myrrh

Day 22 of #33DaysOfOils


After a love affair with Palo Santo over the last month - I got to shine the light on some particularly nasty boogeymen (areas of my life that need some refining). Please note - I use that term loosely. Think of it this way - "Emotions buried alive never die, but instead assume a life of their own". Boogeymen.

While the Palo Santo is good at exposing those boogeymen, you then have to do something about them. That's where the Myrrh comes in.

Myrrh is the most Biblically referenced of all oils, and was both the first and the last oils given to Christ in his life. 

It's also the first oil that our Son Tollefson got, along with some scent based memories that I hopefully created for him with Myrrh (his first bath was with Myrrh, so the feeling of floating in the tub mimics the floating in the womb - at any point in his life he now use Myrrh to "reset" himself and go back to that first scent and feeling of the comfort of being in the womb. Yeah - I take these things seriously).

Myrrh is great for helping "ground" the spirit into the flesh and slowing down light enough to help it crystalize into matter in a way to speak (oddly is great for helping one's skin when exposed to the sun for long periods of time).

While Frankincense may uplift the spirit - we live in a world of physical flesh and matter. Myrrh is for helping to ground that spirit into the body so that it can accomplish what it is here to do - and empower the soul within the body.

I recently quit coffee completely in the last month after and on-and-off again unhealthy love affair - and it's done for good this time. Myrrh helped give me the resolve to stick to my decision and power through the days that I was tempted.

Myrrh is also extremely supportive to the immune system, helpful in calming an overactive brain and during prayer, and supporting spiritual courage during times of temptation and tribulation.

The ladies also love it - because it's great for the skin.

Lastly, Myrrh can be used with other oils to help them "stick around longer" - think of it as "diluting" without diluting. A way to "slow down time" a little bit if you catch my drift.

Myrrh is a true gift. When we open our HEARTS and MINDS to receive the gifts, they will be given.

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